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    Business Management

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    Bureaucratic Organizations

    Describe large, bureaucratic organizations with which you have had contact that have not responded flexibly to customer demands. Also describe examples of satisfactory responsiveness. What do you think accounts for the differences between the responsive and non-responsive organizations?

    New employee training

    New Employee Training Answer the following questions about a new employee training program for the position Of a Human Resource generalist Needs assessment: What types of issues might indicate a need for training? From what sources would these issues be identified? If you were a training manager, how would you prioritize

    Institutionalized and individualized role orientations

    Examine the ways in which institutionalized and individualized role orientations are developed in your organization or an organization of which you have been a part. Detail your experience and determine which methods were used. How effective were these methods? Have you been the socializing organizational member as well as be

    Problem Solution: InterClean, Inc.

    Develop a paper in which you propose a solution to help InterClean move from a solely sales-based organization to a solutions-based organization. Remember that your solution needs to focus on the human capital concepts covered in the course. Be sure to incorporate appropriate citations from your readings and research.

    Cumulative lead time

    Each R requires 2 components S and 1 part T. The lead time for assembly at R is 3 days. The lead time for the manufacture of S is 5 days. The lead time for the manufacture of T is 10 days. The cumulative lead time for R is how many days? A.6 B.9 C.13 D.17 E.Cannot be determined

    Contacting a Business About Their Products and Services

    Choose a big-ticket item that is rather complicated, such as a stereo system or a vacation in the Caribbean. Write a business letter to the company or organization that's offering the item, and ask four questions that are important to you. Be sure to include enough background information, so the reader can answer your questions

    Powerpoint Presentation: Adam Smith's Division of Labor

    Create a Powerpoint presentation synopsizing a well known construct or theorists in organizational literature. Your presentation should synopsize the constructs, theories, and theorists. Explicate why the material is relevant in the study of organizational analysis and design. Please use the attached information in the Powerpoi

    Consumer Management

    To improve consumer relationship and gain an advantage over its competitors, a company may address any or all of the following areas: ? Process designs ? Distribution channels ? Branding ? Advertising strategies Focusing on the above areas, analyze the consumer management strategies adopted by McDonald's versus those adopte

    Explaining the expectancy theory (training and development)

    You are a trainer explaining the expectancy theory to a group of managers so they can better understand and deal with employee motivation problems.One of the managers says, "I don't have time for this theory stuff. I want real-world training that helps me in my job." How would you respond to the trainee? What is your rationale f

    Validity of Job Cost Sheets

    Is this true or false statement? Job cost sheets contain entries for actual direct material, actual direct labor, and actual manufacturing overhead costs incurred in completing a job.

    Empowering the employees

    Most of us may have experienced the "Chart on the Board" method for learning the ABC's, times tables, states and capitals. As you learn, you may have earned a star or some sort of visual recognition in chart format for following your progress to not only yourself, but your peers. The "Chart on the Board" method can be a short

    Budget / Performance Evaluation

    I need to help with this problem Johnson Electrical produces industrial ventilation fans. The company plans to manufacture 72,000 fans evenly over the next quarter at the following costs: direct material, $1,440,000; direct labor, $360,000; variable manufacturing overhead, $450,000; and fixed manufacturing overhead, $900,000

    Question about Risk management techniques

    What are some risk management techniques? How would you use portfolio management to assess the risk and return of an investment? Predict how the results would be different based on different risk preferences?

    Business question: Financial Management

    1. What is EBIT-EPS analysis? 2. What is the indifference curve? Give an example. 3. How is risk factored into the EBIT-EPS analysis? 4. What are the "basic short comings" of EBIT's analysis? 5. What problems might these short comings create?

    Groupthink Problems

    Why is groupthink a problem? What are some of the ways groupthink can be avoided or overcome?

    Decision Analysis Models and Evaluation Methods

    I have the following task, and I need some help getting started: Write a 3-4 paragraphs about the following topic: Details: You are back with your project management e-group, and members are eager to learn how things are faring with your project. Others of the group are at an evaluative stage of their respective projects too,

    Policy and Procedure manual

    TOPIC: Working from home is becoming more attractive as commuting time increases, gas prices inch higher and workers demand more family time. Companies also benefit from flexible work hours and reduced office space. But as this trend grows, businesses face new legal issues and must have clear policies in place, experts say

    Product Development

    I need help with the following scenario. Generate an idea for a new product. Identify and discuss what type of product it is and what the manufacturing process would be. Identify and discuss the target market. Then add one service that would keep your product ahead of the competition. This will give me help on how to create


    The course has focused on the four elements of the POLC model: plan, organize, lead, and control. You are the owner and CEO of a brand new Internet access company, known as the XYZ Internet Company. Create a policy manual for new managers. This manual should provide guidance to the new incoming managers, as they set up their