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Experienced IRS tax auditor utilizing knowledge, training

If you were a Tax Auditor with the Internal Revenue Service for eight years and you have a BS in Accounting and a MBA, using specific examples, state how your experience, training, and/or education has equipped you with the knowledge, skills and abilities in using computers to research, gather, input, analyze or summarize information.

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It's a very interesting question which I had to think about before responding. In my past life, I dealt with many IRS auditors and learned something of their hierarchy and their systems. If you may be considering changing from that field to another, the skills you have learned might best be utilized in the following types of business or occupation:

1. A CPA firm is a natural and even EA's can fit in nicely in lieu of a CPA certificate. The skill set is much the same but less adversarial and possibly less regimented in terms of advancement and procedures. A smaller CPA firm could provide both opportunity and flexibility in terms of the type of ...

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The solution addresses the career fields open to one with the skill sets learned as a IRS auditor. The 470 word solution gives a paragraph for each of four possibilities to use the skills learned.