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    CPA Client Tax Fraud and the CPA

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    See attached article file.

    1. Explain the purpose of the article

    2. Provide an overview of the article and keep topics

    3. If you agree with the article, do you feel the IRS handles Tax fraud fairly and the CPA doe enough to protect the client? If you disagree with the article, what should the IRS do to conduct and prosecute Tax fraud and the CPA do differently (2-4 paragraphs)

    4. Explain the major conclusions of the article

    5. What is your opinion on these conclusions?

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    1. Explain the purpose of the article.

    The purpose of the article is to show how a taxpayer may be prosecuted under the criminal law by the IRS. The article explains how a client of a CPA may actually be charged with criminal and civil liabilities. The purpose of the article is to show how a CPA should check a client if he is likely to be prosecuted for criminal liability by the IRS. In case an existing client is prosecuted, the article explains how the CPA should act with his client. The article points out some important steps that the CPA should take like protecting important documents, encountering a potential client who may be charged with fraud, and the legal liability of the CPA.

    2. Provide an overview of the article and keep topics.

    The article first describes tax offenses, especially criminal tax offenses. The article then describes what the government needs to carry out a successful prosecution. It then describes civil penalties and criminal proceedings as related to tax crimes. The article warns a CPA when he should refer a matter to an attorney because it involves matters related to law practice. The article then discusses the sources of criminal investigations and a ...

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