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Client/server database environment

The client/server environment involves a main computer, called a server, and one or more PCs that are networked to the server. The database resides on the server, a separate entity from each PC. Because each PC is a separate computer system, an application is developed and installed on the PC through which the user can access the database on the server over the network.

I used to work on an application called the Test Equipment and Metrology Measurement System (TEAMMS). TEAMMS tracked the equipment as it moved around company. This had an Oracle database residing on a Sun Solaris (UNIX) server. We developed with Powerbuilder a client application that accessed the database over the network which was installed on each PC running Microsoft Windows that needed to access TEAMMS.

Share your experiences with a client/server database environment.

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The particular organization that I work for utilizes a client/server application called REMEDY. REMEDY is a software application that provides for the tracking of IT problems/requests ensuring the overall enterprise is operating at increased ...

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