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    The importance of academic honesty

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    The importance of maintaining academic honesty.

    I need to understand the concepts and why.

    Why is it so important. And what can you do to maintain it.

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    Academic honesty has two main objectives, to keep the student from cheating and to give credit to those who provide education. Cheating is the easiest to address because it is unfair to those who have done the work as well as they can, tried to do the work, and to those who applied lessons learned and practiced. Cheating on a test is a disrespectful to those teaching, those who are paying for the educational opportunity, and to everyone else who has not cheated. Some people will point out that some college students are paying for their own education. So, in effect this means that it is okay to be disrespectful to you? Willing to lose the chance to prove you have learned? Possibly ruin your current and future reputation. Society does not approve of cheating. It is one of those things that will follow one forever. Cheating is also a form of stealing. To cheat means one has stolen the answers from ...

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    Discussion presented on academic honesty and the reasons it is so important.