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Understanding Social Groups

Examine several social groups or organizations to which you belong or have belonged (school, government, family, religious, special interest club, and so forth). Prepare a 700 to 1,050-word paper explaining the role of the group and the social functions it supports or promotes. Be sure to define the groups that you select in ter

Races and ethnic

Thinking about those around you who are of different races and ethnic and/or religious backgrounds than you, to what extent have you analyzed any beliefs and/or prejudices you may have about others? To what extent might these beliefs affect how you make decisions or judgments as an adult? Do you think it's possible to have the

How formal organizations evolved

I am looking for some details for the following questions can you please assist me: 1. How has formal organizations evolved over the past century. What differences were there then compared to today. What are the current trends in formal organizations. 2. Describe how the characteristics of activities, hierarchy, norms,

The Adivasis of India

Interpret please I don't quite understand what this article is trying to say: PUCL Bulletin, February 2003 The Adivasis of India - A History of Discrimination, Conflict, and Resistance -- By C.R. Bijoy, Core Committee of the All India Coordinating Forum of Adivasis/Indigenous Peoples The 67.7 million people bel

Culture of Poverty Thesis

You are meeting with a few members of city council and the agenda is focused on social services for the poor. You find yourself engaged in a heated debate. Some members cite that the culture of poverty thesis suggests that the poor are largely responsible for their own poverty. Others argue that this attitude essentially blames

Population Policy

Do you think that the "Developed West" is in the best place to help direct and influence the population policies of the developing world? Why or why not? If countries like the U.S., France and Germany are not in the place to be able to direct population policies in places like Niger, Yemen, and Jordan, which countries are?

Value of Diversity in the Workplace

1. Select an issue in the work environment that may have been more successfully resolved by the presence of a diverse workforce. 2. Include a thorough description of the issue. 3. Be sure to describe the ramifications of the issue on the organization. I need help in answering these questions for a short essay and, for st

Ethics and Family Value

I need to come up with a list ethics and family values how they play a positive or negative role in our world.

You as a Culturally Diverse Entity

Why are diversity skills important? What are some ways diversity skills contribute to individual and interpersonal enrichment? How many cultural influences lead to misunderstandings in communication of either verbal or nonverbal messages? What are some similarities across cultures that you have noticed? What are some

Data to use to make social services decisions

As you continue your study of the city (county) where you live, you will want to collect information that will enable you to draw some general conclusions about the social groups that are most likely to influence the development of a child in the area. This will help you to recommend the types of social services that the city ma

Language and Culture: Cultural Diversity

Please help me with the following: Write an essay on how language plays a decisive role in cross-cultural communication. Give examples from the readings. (3 short articles attached).

Salary disparities

You have been invited some neighbors over for dinner including couples from Japan, working here on a temporary assignment. As the conversation turns to the differences in working style, you recall the following: '' In the United States, key executives make the important decisions. Although Japanese leaders also take respon

Education & Social Services for Children

As you continue your study of the city ( county ) where you live , you will want to collect information that will enable you to draw some general conclusions about the social groups that are most likely to influence the development of a child in the area. This will help you to recommend the t

Effect race or culture has on high school students' ideas about success.

In preparing for a meeting with the school board, an interesting study came across your desk. A study of a multi-racial group of high school students, by Grace Kao in 2000, revealed that different students groups define success in different ways: White and Asian students define success in school as earning high grades. Af

Sociological perspective to create public policies & city ordinances

As the social and cultural aide to the mayor of a major city , it is your responsibility to provide the mayor and other city officials with a sociological perspective that will help them shape public policies and draft city ordinances.Since you are new to the area , you want to begin by

Black Middle Class

Summarize 3 to 4 main points on the history of the black middle class in America.

Marriage outside of one's racial-ethnic group

I am trying to answer a question that maybe you can help with, it is: A marital couple in which one spouse belongs to a given racial-ethnic group and the other spouse belongs to a different racial-ethnic group is? a) Mixed marriage. b) Multicultural marriage. c) Open Marriage. e) Endogamous marriage.


1. Looking for some outline ideas for gentrification for the Chicago area for a paper and presentation. 2. How can I address the growth in different areas of the city? 3. Why some areas that were supposed to be developed and weren't. Ideas??

Terms from Bonilla-Silva book

What do the following terms mean re: black inequality from the Bonilla -Silva book, White Supremacy and racism in the Post-Civil Rights era? Abstract liberalism, biologization, naturalization, and minimization

A history of women's income.

I need help with a title and outline ideas for a presentation and paper on the history to current day on women's income: why they make less than men, who is benefiting from this, why is it still going on and examples of inequality. It needs to be couched in sociological paradigms. Please include ideas for an overhead presentatio

Subordinate Groups (Puerto Rican Group)

I need help getting started with this journal. Identify and describe which, if any of these creation and consequence situations the group has faced: *Creation: migration, annexation, or colonization *Consequences: extermination, expulsion, secession, segregation, fusion, or assimilation *Write a fictional, first-pers

Constructionist Approaches to Deviance

What is deviance? How do constructionist approaches explain it? Include the themes, ethical/moral issues and central concepts of Constructionism, such as: 1. Social Construction of Moral Meaning and Definitions 2. Relativity 3. Social Control 4. The Political Equation - The Processes of Criminalization 5. Contingenc

Critique of article on the Hispanic community in the U.S.

Iwould like help critiquing an article. A page in length double spaced would be a good start. Please include the following information: the purpose of the message being conveyed, a brief conclusion and what you have learned from the article.