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Herbert Gans' use of Functionalist Perspective

Sociologist Herbert Gans has used the functionalist perspective to explain and analyze the existence of social inequality and poverty. According to Gans, the poor, and poverty in general, serve a variety of positive functions for society. Analyze Gansâ?? perspective, sharing your reflections on whether you agree or disagree wit

What is Symbolic Ethnicity?

A majority of residents of the United States are descendents of ethnic groups from around the world. Explain symbolic ethnicity. Reflecting on your cultural heritage and traditions, does your family practice symbolic ethnicity, fully maintain an ethnic identity, or have they fully assimilated into American culture? Define and ex

Canada's racial & ethnic struggles are summarized.

What is role of ethnic inequality and dimensions, stratification (majority and minority), prejudice and discrimination, assimilation and pluralism in ethnic racial and struggles, and how do they play in building a new society in Canada with stability and changes in Canada? In addition to the textbook, use a minimum of 2 or

Nationalism is contextualized.

What is civic and what is ethnic nationalism? Why did the author (Martin Marger) argue that ethnic nationalism is the most devastating force in the world today? Do you agree or disagree?

Ethnic Relations-comparing Brazil to South Africa

Read two other summary postings of global ethnic groups you have not yet read comparing them to the country you chose and noting the similarities and differences of the issues listed above to the United States. Which of these countries has the best global model for ethnic relations in the world today? Why or why not? Initial p

South African research is presented.

Address the following in relationship to the selected country, South Africa: Marger, M. (2012). Race and ethnic relations: American and global perspectives (9th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning: 1. Evaluate the cultures and behaviors of the country with respect to ethnic background and conflicts. Distinguish the

Population-Ecology model is described.

Identify three writers/researchers who are associated with the Population-Ecology model describing their contributions. Then relate this model (benefits and/or problems) to one real-work experience of your own.

Migration Patterns & Ethnic Relations

What shifts have occurred in the international world migration patterns? How do these effect racial and ethnic relations? Provide an example of a specific ethnic group and discuss the effect on that group. I need a scholarly source with help. I need three solid paragraphs that address and/or answer these questions/statement

Social interactions

Someone at work made a statement to me and I did not know how to respond to it. Could someone please elaborate on this statement a little more? Briefly, what is the best way for me to respond to this type of statement? (This is the statement that was made to me at my job by a co-worker) "We all hold different statuses

Could someone get me started on this?

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of both governmental and private social work organizations. Provide an analysis of whether or not criminal justice agencies should be privatized.


1) How did the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act change workplace culture? 2) Why do some criticize affirmative action? What would be one advantage and one disadvantage of eliminating affirmative action?


So why is it when many people think of diversity, they think first of ethnicity and race, and then gender? Diversity is much broader. Diversity is otherness, or those human qualities that are different from our own, and outside the groups to which we belong. How can leadership promote cultural diversity to create effective chang

Correcting Problematic Social Policy

The outlawing of slavery and extending voting rights to women seem to indicate that ethics can have beneficial results. Give an example from the past that indicates a similar result or a current social policy that might be regarded as wrong, which therefore needs to be changed. Give your reasons and indicate which ethical theory

Can the government require citizens to wear seat belts?

Can the government require you to a wear seat belt while driving? What is the argument that it can, and what is the argument that it cannot? How would such seat belt laws differ from the requirement that infants in cars be in car seats?

Lack of Minority Leaders

Focusing on a current political issue relating to immigration. Possible media pieces include an article, a video or audio clip, a television show, a book, a documentary, or a movie. Research the issue of your media piece. Address the following: What is the historical framework of this issue? o What is the political

The film, Crash, is explored using sociological theories

Has anyone seen the film CRASH. I need to use examples from the film and use the three theories ( conflict theory, functionalist and interactionist theories) to explain continued difficulty we have with race relations in the United States.

Panel discussion

I would like some sample questions (about 5-6 questions)to ask to the panel along with the responses from each sociologist. I need to better understand how each sociologist might respond to the questions following each paradigm.The panel includes a sociologist committed to a Marxian/conflict paradigm, a sociologist committed to

Ethics paper help is guided.

O Define your underlying ethical system, its primary principles, the sources that helped shape your ethics such as people, institutions, events, and so forth, and the criteria and decision-making factors you used to revise them. o Discuss the potential effect of your ethics on your performance or use of them in your

Illegal Immigration: A Brief History and Current Perspective

Reference: What is the historical framework of this issue? In the very early years in America there was no legislation regulating immigration. We were a new country and needed every warm body we could get our hands on.

Gender inequality in American politics is explored.

This solution explains why we have never had a female president in the United States while other industrialized nations have had heads of state. It uses Tischlers three main theoritical perspectives in analyzing social class, racial and ethnic discrimination and gender inequality. The three theories are conflict theory, function