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Migration Patterns & Ethnic Relations

What shifts have occurred in the international world migration patterns? How do these effect racial and ethnic relations? Provide an example of a specific ethnic group and discuss the effect on that group.

I need a scholarly source with help. I need three solid paragraphs that address and/or answer these questions/statement.

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Migration patterns have shifted the world from a rural to a more urban place with people moving to cities for work and finding millions of others there as well. While North America and Europe have seen less impact, places like Southeast Asia and South America have been impacted heavily. China can also be counted on as showing the effects of this rural to urban movement. Partially, credit can be given to the global market patterns of companies moving into an area and hiring making cities more feasible places to work and make money. Farming and other agricultural pursuits are less attractive and the income continues to go to the large ...

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The solution provides insight and advice on the topic of international migration patterns (for full question set - see above) and their effects on racial and ethnic relations.