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Professional and Social Volunteers

This solution compares and contrasts the ways volunteers and professionals may deliver social services. It also highlights the ways in which they have conflicting purposes.

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Professional and voluntary workers are driven by the intense urge to make a difference in the world.

Professional work performed in the social services sector has many advantages. Those who have college degrees and training in this field, will select a job that pays well and will reward them financially. This doesn't necessarily mean that they are only "in it for the money," but it could introduce a bias into their work. The flip side of this is that professionals do, in fact, have the appropriate training to handle what comes their way. Professionals are likely motivated by self motivation and profit. Professionals must pass certain competency tests and maintain continuing education credits. It is easier to evalute their effectiveness and monitor ...

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How do professional and volunteers work together in the social welfare field? Are both needed to meet the needs of our society?