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Symbolic Ethnicity

A majority of residents of the United States are descendents of ethnic groups from around the world. Explain symbolic ethnicity. Reflecting on your cultural heritage and traditions, does your family practice symbolic ethnicity, fully maintain an ethnic identity, or have they fully assimilated into American culture? Define and explain American ethnic cultures

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Dear Student,
As with the other posts you had, this question asks you to present an opinion. Since you did not indicate your own ethnic heritage, I have no basis to use to present a sample answer. As such, I have come to use a 'sample' ethnicity. I chose Hispanic or Latino because it is a clear example with regards to symbolic ethnicity. If you have any questions, just let me know via the feedback section. Additionally, if you feel you points about presenting your own ancestry, just post up a question again and I can help you formulate an answer based on that. Good luck with your studies.

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My Symbolic Ethnicity

Symbolic ethnicity is a term coined by sociologist Herbert Gans. He refers to ...

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