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    Salary disparities

    You have been invited some neighbors over for dinner including couples from Japan, working here on a temporary assignment. As the conversation turns to the differences in working style, you recall the following: '' In the United States, key executives make the important decisions. Although Japanese leaders also take respon

    Education & Social Services for Children

    As you continue your study of the city ( county ) where you live , you will want to collect information that will enable you to draw some general conclusions about the social groups that are most likely to influence the development of a child in the area. This will help you to recommend the t

    Effect race or culture has on high school students' ideas about success.

    In preparing for a meeting with the school board, an interesting study came across your desk. A study of a multi-racial group of high school students, by Grace Kao in 2000, revealed that different students groups define success in different ways: White and Asian students define success in school as earning high grades. Af

    Sociological perspective to create public policies & city ordinances

    As the social and cultural aide to the mayor of a major city , it is your responsibility to provide the mayor and other city officials with a sociological perspective that will help them shape public policies and draft city ordinances.Since you are new to the area , you want to begin by

    Black Middle Class

    Summarize 3 to 4 main points on the history of the black middle class in America.

    Black middle class

    Summarize 3 to 4 main points on the history of the black middle class in America.

    Marriage outside of one's racial-ethnic group

    I am trying to answer a question that maybe you can help with, it is: A marital couple in which one spouse belongs to a given racial-ethnic group and the other spouse belongs to a different racial-ethnic group is? a) Mixed marriage. b) Multicultural marriage. c) Open Marriage. e) Endogamous marriage.


    1. Looking for some outline ideas for gentrification for the Chicago area for a paper and presentation. 2. How can I address the growth in different areas of the city? 3. Why some areas that were supposed to be developed and weren't. Ideas??

    Terms from Bonilla-Silva book

    What do the following terms mean re: black inequality from the Bonilla -Silva book, White Supremacy and racism in the Post-Civil Rights era? Abstract liberalism, biologization, naturalization, and minimization

    A history of women's income.

    I need help with a title and outline ideas for a presentation and paper on the history to current day on women's income: why they make less than men, who is benefiting from this, why is it still going on and examples of inequality. It needs to be couched in sociological paradigms. Please include ideas for an overhead presentatio

    Subordinate Groups (Puerto Rican Group)

    I need help getting started with this journal. Identify and describe which, if any of these creation and consequence situations the group has faced: *Creation: migration, annexation, or colonization *Consequences: extermination, expulsion, secession, segregation, fusion, or assimilation *Write a fictional, first-pers

    Constructionist Approaches to Deviance

    What is deviance? How do constructionist approaches explain it? Include the themes, ethical/moral issues and central concepts of Constructionism, such as: 1. Social Construction of Moral Meaning and Definitions 2. Relativity 3. Social Control 4. The Political Equation - The Processes of Criminalization 5. Contingenc

    Critique of article on the Hispanic community in the U.S.

    Iwould like help critiquing an article. A page in length double spaced would be a good start. Please include the following information: the purpose of the message being conveyed, a brief conclusion and what you have learned from the article.

    Historical View of African American Social Status

    I would like help to critique this article on African American history and its effect on their status today. Please discuss the message being conveyed, a brief conclusion and what you have learned from the article. About one double spaced page would give me a great start. See the attached file.

    Prejudice and dicrimination in diverse organizations

    Prejudice and discrimination based on culture group identity continues in many societies of the world and in their organizations. Discrimination among persons in positions of power, toward a particular identity group, will have adverse effects on the career outcomes of members of that group. I would like your opinion on the prop

    The effect of groups on large organization operations

    Imbalances in the representation of various identity groups in the most powerful organizations tend to create career obstacles for members of minority groups. This can also increase inter-group conflict related biocultural identities of members. I would like someone's view on the issue.

    Ethnocenticism in diverse organizations and its effects

    I would like someone's view of the following proposition: In organizations where the cultural majority is characterized as the in-group and other culture groups are viewed as the out-groups, members of the minority culture groups will be diadvantaged by the ethnocentric behavior of the majority group. This can be manifested in t

    Ingroup and intergroup relations in culturally diverse organizations

    I would help discussing the following proposition: "Ignorance of cultural differences is a source of ineffectiveness in the work performance of diverse workgroups. Likewise, a knowledge of the cultural differences in diverse workgroups will enhance work relations and work team effectiveness." I would like someone else's perspect

    Traditional versus Postmodern Theory of Urbanization

    I am doing a paper on the emerging theory of postmodern urbanization and how this theory differs from the traditional urban theory. Can you briefly explain for me the traditional urban theory and the postmodern theory of urbanization? If possible, can you also attach an article on this topic? I need to draw on ten sources for