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Ethnocenticism in diverse organizations and its effects

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I would like someone's view of the following proposition: In organizations where the cultural majority is characterized as the in-group and other culture groups are viewed as the out-groups, members of the minority culture groups will be diadvantaged by the ethnocentric behavior of the majority group. This can be manifested in the minority group members receiving lower performance ratings or promotion ratings.

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The problem discussed here refers to the "in-group" / "out-group" conflict, in other words, "we" vs. "the others". Since we are talking about an opposition ("versus"), we do refer to the "what-is-not" definition. This is to say that, by being part of a group, individuals take all the advantages and the disadvantages of this membership. It is perfectly logical that once a division between "we" and "the others" is made, all individuals will be judged less according to their individual performances, and more as part of the group, meaning that they will be labeled ...

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This solution discusses the effect of majority and minority cultures and ethnocentric attitudes in an organization as it pertains to success in that organization. It contains examples and 385 words.