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    Diversity Issues for Organizations

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    1. diversity present in the organization and noted whether the organization seems to becoming more or less diverse.

    2.Discussed potential problems and opportunities presented by organizational diversity

    3, Identified best practices for managing and leading diversity.

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    Trends on diversity in the organization
    The issue is actually workforce diversity, a situation of increasing heterogeneity of organizations in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity. While before, women have been known to stay at home and take care of family and home needs, currently due to economic and social needs, women do not just stay at home. They are becoming a major part of the labour force. The presence of women in the workplace has many implications in human resource management decisions such as those involving recruitment, selection, work schedules and assignments, among others.
    Aside from race and ethnicity, other diversity issues concern the inclusion of disabled, gays, lesbians, and elderly in the workforce (Robbins, 1998). These types of workers have different priorities, personalities, lifestyles, work habits, and social behaviour. These have implications to human resource management decisions too.
    Sound relationships (e.g. trading, etc.) developed among countries further increased the degree of diversity in organizations. Countries in several parts of the world have been opening their grounds for workers in various places especially those from the ...

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