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Diversity & Legislations

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Organizations will face legislations that will compel them to have a diverse work force.(I take the example from my country as the legislation requires companies to have at least 30% local workers)

?To deal with this, the organizations should plan their periodic recruitment to match the needs of the legislation. For instance, if the legislation requires companies to have at least 30% of their employees coloured, locals or overseas, the companies should plan to rectify the shortcoming by recruiting suitably qualified, trained and experienced employees to meet its legal target.

The question is
To what extent legal constraints can impact diversity (or not)?

thanks :)

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Diversity is not a legal term until recently when there have been policies that are enacted to increase the weight of diversity in legal proceedings. Managing workplace diversity involves three approaches: (1) discrimination-and-fairness - This is most akin to legal compliance and other affirmative action issues. It has been criticized because it ...

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The extent of legal constraints' impact on diversity - three approaches in managing workplace diversity. References are included.