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Hispanic community in the U.S. and the education system

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Iwould like help critiquing an article. A page in length double spaced would be a good start. Please include the following information: the purpose of the message being conveyed, a brief conclusion and what you have learned from the article.

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Help is given on an article on the Hispanic situation in the U.S.. Emphasis is on the education system. The solution gives suggestions to critique the article using inserted ideas where improvements and questions are necessary. The original article is found in an attachment and the solution is in a review document format attachment.

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My reading of this article is that it provides some data on the situation of the "Hispanic community" in the U.S. with the emphasis on the education system. These data are put into the historical context at the beginning of the essay. Moreover, the paper provides some elementary theoretical insights on the situation of "Hispanics". The purpose of this essay is probably to inform the reader about the situation of this ...

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