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Freedom of Speech and Sexual Harassment

Discuss the tension between appeals to autonomy in defense of freedom of speech and expression and appeals to autonomy in order to justify restrictions on freedom of speech and expression which may result in sexual harassment. 1) Do you believe that there is a conflict between these two positions? 2) How may such a confl

The evolution of environmental management

The evolution of environmental management has been moving toward decentralization, moving power to the states and cities. 1). Discuss how this policy impacts our ability as a nation to be part of the solution when it comes to the environment on a global scale. 2). Provide an example Min. of 150 words in length. Suppor

Welfare providers

If you had to choose the first change within welfare providers to make it better what would it be and why is this so important to do? It is odd to sit here as a person trying to think of ways to change and make better things in the hands of our government. We can judge them and ask why hasn't it been done already but someone

Discrimination and Oppression Case Study

Kevin goes to clean out his locker after he was fired from being a manager and returns his apron and gate pass so that he may receive his final paycheck. As he goes to his locker, he sees that someone has written on his locker in black pen, in capital letters: G.A.Y. Written under each of the corresponding capital letters is "go

Discrimination and Oppression

What is oppression and what measures can be taken to eliminate it from the workplace? What are the mechanics of oppression? What does scapegoating mean? What does tyranny of majority mean? What is a legitimizing myth, and how does it factor into discrimination? Why are issues of intolerance important? How does this issue r

Social Inequality and Hate Crimes

1. Create a profile of the typical individual who commits hate crimes. 2. Who are some targets and/or victims of hate crimes? 3. What are some of the causes and effects of these crimes? 4. What actions can be taken to minimize the occurence of hate crimes?

Immigration in the United States

The United States is a nation of immigrants. There is a great deal of controversy over issues of undocumented immigration. - What is the historical pattern of immigration concerns in the economy? - How are certain groups targeted? - What role do corporations that use cheap labor practices play at home and overseas? - Does

The Civil Rights Act of 1964

What is Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and why it is so significant? What is the state of race relations in the United States prior to the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the political environment that led to the passing of the Civil Rights Act of 1964? What is the purpose of this law? What groups does it protect?

Stereotypes and Labels: The Impact on Society

Some groups in the United States have certain freedoms or access to things that other groups do not. Social scientists examine the various degrees of privilege or lack of privilege among different groups. - How are certain groups stereotyped? - How does this stereotyping help to unfairly label certain groups? - How is stere

Institutions Providing Equal Access

A society needs a variety of social institutions in order to function adequately. However, it does appear that not all citizens have equal access to participation in them, and that one's social class and ascribed characteristics may limit one's ability to benefit from them. This disparity results in unequal assess to all that th

Equal Rights Proposition: Walmart

Please see the following website for reference: - Describe the compliance issue associated with the lawsuit and how it affected the compnay. - Give a summary of what the EEOC does - The EEOC's role in this lawsuit. - Provide on opinion regarding the lawsuit's abilit

Equality of Men vs. Women in the Workplace

Provide a summary of existing or proposed solutions of differing groups. Consider the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, corporate human resource departments, state or federal laws and regulations, political strategies, government agencies, religious groups, and grassroots organizations.

Human Resource and Diversity in the Workplace

I need assistance on researching the population of Hispanic/Latino employees and diversity in the workplace. This is a hypothetical scenario. Hypothetically, evaluate the workplace inclusion theories and best practices for a diverse workplace that pertain to them.

Race and Ethnicity

Need help answering the following question: Why should race and ethnicity be defining terms about a person?

Cultural targeting

Discuss potential advantages and drawbacks of a company providing resources for different cultural groups.

Stakeholders in an organization

Organizations exist because of their ability to create value and acceptable outcomes for stakeholders. List several stakeholders an organization needs to be aware of. Describe and explain how organizations create value and influence these stakeholders? What is the role of entrepreneurship in this process?

Effects of political power on under-represented groups are examined.

How does the distribution of political power affect the life chances of people who are under-represented in terms of race/ethnicity, class and gender? analyze how special interest groups, such as lobbies and grass roots organizations, may promote or prevent social change?

What is Symbolic Ethnicity?

A majority of residents of the United States are descendents of ethnic groups from around the world. Explain symbolic ethnicity. Reflecting on your cultural heritage and traditions, does your family practice symbolic ethnicity, fully maintain an ethnic identity, or have they fully assimilated into American culture? Define and ex

Canada's racial & ethnic struggles are summarized.

What is role of ethnic inequality and dimensions, stratification (majority and minority), prejudice and discrimination, assimilation and pluralism in ethnic racial and struggles, and how do they play in building a new society in Canada with stability and changes in Canada? In addition to the textbook, use a minimum of 2 or

Nationalism is contextualized.

What is civic and what is ethnic nationalism? Why did the author (Martin Marger) argue that ethnic nationalism is the most devastating force in the world today? Do you agree or disagree?

Ethnic Relations-comparing Brazil to South Africa

Read two other summary postings of global ethnic groups you have not yet read comparing them to the country you chose and noting the similarities and differences of the issues listed above to the United States. Which of these countries has the best global model for ethnic relations in the world today? Why or why not? Initial p

South African research is presented.

Address the following in relationship to the selected country, South Africa: Marger, M. (2012). Race and ethnic relations: American and global perspectives (9th ed.). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth Cengage Learning: 1. Evaluate the cultures and behaviors of the country with respect to ethnic background and conflicts. Distinguish the

Population-Ecology model is described.

Identify three writers/researchers who are associated with the Population-Ecology model describing their contributions. Then relate this model (benefits and/or problems) to one real-work experience of your own.