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Progressive Organizing

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I need help understanding what is meant by progressive organizing. I have to write about unemployment. I'm looking for a general understanding and some help with the questions below so I can write my paper.
- What are some possible strengths of an organizer?
- What would be a good process to mobilize others collectively?
- How can I mobilize people to help fight unemployment for example?
- What type of roadblocks might hinder my success or progress?
Any sources you may have will be helpful for me to follow up with
"Progressive social change is about defending the weak from the strong, gaining resources to reduce human hardship, and striving to promote an equitable society. It is about battling for economic and social justice, working to protect and enhance civil liberties, and respecting the environment."

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According to http://www.ehow.com/about_7230949_definition-progressive-organizations.html, progressive organizing is defined as such "Progressive organizations are dedicated to societal change-whether that be health care reform, green alternatives or increased access to the democratic process." This term seems to encompass several organizations in varying fields and is often used as an "umbrella" term. However, they all have one thing in common. That is that they all set out to produce some kind of social change. Power sharing and voting are often part of progressive organizations and co-ops are good examples of the system. A key difference between progressive organizations and others is a willingness to advocate protest or direct action as a means of effecting change.

Funding for progressive organizations can come from a number of sources. If non-profit, they can obtain money through grants, donations and fundraising. Otherwise, sale of goods is a means for funding for businesses that are progressively organized.

"Today, progressive organizations are increasingly focused on fostering a strengths-based culture, in which employees work collaboratively with their managers to identify, develop and apply their strengths in the workplace" (http://www.utexas.edu/ce/stories/detail/how-to-build-a-strengths-based-organization). Strengths of a progressive organization may include cooperation, collaboration, unity and team work. The focus is on working together, yet each person has a voice. Also, many people involved in progressive organizations have personal interests in the company.

When looking at progressive organizations and unemployment, it is important to remember that the strength of many is better than the strength of a few. Finding a common ground, personal interest and purpose, are all modifiers to help that organization go strong. "The progressive movement needs to build a bench that can play offense at the ...

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What is progressive organizing and how is unemployment effected by it? Strategies for success and indications for failure are discussed as well as strengths and weaknesses of progressive organizers.

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