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    Black Middle Class

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    Summarize 3 to 4 main points on the history of the black middle class in America.

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    1. Summarize 3 to 4 main points on the history of the black middle class in America.

    Black Middle Class in America is a fairly recent phenomena and increasing over times

    Indeed, between the struggle of the working poor and the celebration of the superstar lies a group as diverse as any with a buying power that could rival a small nation. One of the earliest glimpses into the life of the black middle class was back in the 1980s, when Bill Cosby introduced America to his TV family, the Huxtables. Still today, there is debate over whether that depiction was real. Today, we find that group is not only real, but also alive and growing phenomenally giving a whole new meaning to term "black market." For example, Timothy and Erinn Gardner consider themselves middle class. She's a doctor. He's a lawyer. Together they bring home a six-figure salary. "I guess now people think of us more as a power couple so to speak," Erinn says. The couple may be viewed as exceptional, but the data tells a different story. According to the 2000 census, nearly a third of black families living in metro Chicago earned more than $50,000 a year making them, economically, middle to upper middle class. "I think society is starting to ...

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