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Gender Inequalities as it relates to income earned

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Why are women still making less than men? Who benefits from this?

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You have asked for an opinion on why women make less money than men in the workforce and who benefits from this inequality.

1. Organizational Culture

There has been a history of an 'Old Boys Club' in organizational culture which has been hard to change even with the passing of the Equal Employment Opportunity Act in 1972. This act was intended to protect individual rights and promote employment opportunities and fairness for everyone within the workplace (Klingner & Nalbandian, 1998, p. 158). Nearly 35 years later, most upper management positions are held by white middle aged males.

To successfully break into an upper management job, an applicant must be able to relate to the hiring manager in some way. Managers build a rapport with employees and future upper management applicants and this is made easier by someone who shares the same background as existing managers. So this automatically gives an edge to applicants who are white middle aged males for higher paying upper management jobs.

Because of the above outlined organizational inequalities, men with lesser degrees have received a higher salary because of who they know and not because of their education or experience.

This is a direct benefit to white middle aged males. Keep the status quo and then their jobs are secure. If they all share the same values and beliefs and background, then nothing ever needs to change and their ...

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This solution provides a professional opinion on why women make less money than men in the workforce and who benefits from this inequality.

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