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Modern Trends in Social Welfare

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There are many current trends that affect social welfare. Some are new and some have continued from the past 50 years. Forward-thinking social scientists are needed to address these issues.

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Social conditions are constantly changing in the U.S. Therefore, our social welfare policies and programs should be reviewed and modified frequently. The biggest trend that has developed in recent years is a shift in paradigm for voluntary family agencies. In years past, these voluntary agencies provided relief assistance through cash or kind. Recently they have changed to providing skilled counseling and case worker services. Although this change has been debated, I feel it is a move in the right direction. Giving handouts to needy individuals only solves their problems in the short-term. Thus, we see a modern trend moving towards providing relief AND having a long-term plan to help the individual move forward. Also, decisions need to be made concerning the roles that public and private agencies play in meeting the social welfare needs of our country. Should they be competing for resources? How should these structures collaborate in order to maximize services and minimize costs?

Another major trend impacting social welfare programs is the growing number of elderly persons. Debates surrounding whether or not ...

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Major trends are affecting social welfare. What are they and how do they change things in a society?

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