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Inclusive Virtual Communication

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A discussion of diversity and inclusive communication issues during a virtual meeting.

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Dear Student,
Hello. Since I do not have a copy of the transcript of the supposed virtual meeting described in the problem, I can only write certain assumptions based on concepts of diversity and inclusive communication. May I advise adding important details from the virtual meeting into your final paper to make sure that it is problem specific? A quoted line or two from the speakers will do. Thank you for using Brainmass & good luck!

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Virtual Meeting Scenario Review

The virtual meeting that took place between Pablo, Sam and Lifang Lin was a product of the current innovation in internet communications technology and the convergence of all media with video, audio, text and file sharing easily practiced as normal exchanges 'in-real time' within the Virtual environment. Easily attainable free programs run by MSN, Yahoo and Google can be utilized with more complicated and 'secure' programs preferred for virtual communications to allow virtual meetings in cyberspace by big multinational companies to run their global operations. The difference with Virtual Meetings run by multinational companies on secure servers and specific programs is that aside from more secure and encrypted data, they also share a 'corporate culture', it is this corporate culture that informs ethics and behavior in the meetings as, aside from representing varied global cultures they also share a corporate philosophy that influences manners of social working relations including communication in a multinational environment.

The ...

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The solution tackles communication in a virtual meeting with a focus on explaining the importance of inclusive communication in a multicultural/diversity-rich virtual world/setting. Strategies for the purpose of ensuring an inclusive virtual communication are laid out. references are listed for the purpose of expansion. The solution numbers to 888 words. A word version of the solution, VirtualMeetingReview.doc is attached for easy download and printing.

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