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Honduras Coup: news article review

Find a recent news article that addresses one or more of the social institutions covered religion, education, health and medicine, and politics and government. Use your sociological imagination with attention to questions of function, conflict, symbolic interaction, and/or the social construction of reality to write a response to and mini-analysis of the article. Think about the larger social, political, cultural and/or economic issues that are at stake in the situation addressed by the article.

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The article is a news report about the coup against Honduran president Zelaya and his exile. The information details the coup, the reasons for the coup as stated by the military and comments from leaders in other countries, including Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela. It notes this is the first coup in Central American since the ...

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The solution is an analysis and review of a news article about the Honduran Coup, it's Pres. Zelaya and his eventual exile. It looks at the social institution of the Honduran government and its eventual reorganization via the coup and the myriad of issues that come with such a drastic event in the social and political state of a country like Honduras.