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    Article Review: Burmese Karen unable to return 'home'

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    Find a recent news article that addresses one or more of the social institutions covered religion, education, health and medicine, and politics and government. Use your sociological imagination with attention to questions of function, conflict, symbolic interaction, and/or the social construction of reality to write a response to and mini-analysis of the article. Think about the larger social, political, cultural and/or economic issues that are at stake in the situation addressed by the article.

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    News Article: Burma's Karen unable to return home
    Web Address: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/asia-pacific/8095137.stm
    The article by the BBC talks about the newly fled 4,000 strong Burmese Karens, an ethnic tribe, one of the many, who inhabit sections of northern Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, and of course, Burma. The Karens, of many subgroups are mostly located in Eastern Burma. Their language, which is Tibetan-Burmese indicates that they have probably descended from Tibet and the Southern regions of China in the distant past. As it is, the ethnic Karen had always found integration within Burmese society to be difficult. The communist regime notwithstanding, the Karens usually find themselves siding with nationalist and revolutionary groups if they were put to test. But mostly, as a people, they prefer to live quiet lives, inhabiting the mountains and far flung forests usually seen by lowlanders as difficult to ...

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    The solution reviews a recent BBC news article on the plight of the Kariang or the Karen tribe, an ethnic minority residing in the borderlands sandwiched between Burma and Thailand. It addresses the lack of social structures supporting the displaced Kariangs and their status in Burma and Thailand and the conflict and social issues this situation has on their ethnic society. The solution is also attached as a word file.