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    A Prejudice & Discrimination Study : The Kariangs

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    ? Choose a foreign country in which there has been well-documented instances of discrimination against certain races or cultures such as:

    o India: the Dalits and Adivasis

    o Bosnia: the Muslims and Croats

    o South Africa: the Coloureds or Black Africans

    o Indonesia: the Chinese

    o Rwanda: the Batwa

    ? Write a 1,050- to 1,750-word article for the travel magazine with a focus on the impact of prejudice and discrimination on various cultures within the country you've chosen to visit. Cite 3 to 5 sources; Try search terms such as "cultures in (country)," "discrimination in (country)," "ethnic groups in (country)," etc.
    ? Include the following in your article:

    o A description of the various cultures as well as the races and ethnicities that exist within this country

    o A clear differentiation between race and ethnicity

    o Examples of discrimination against a culture, race, or ethnic group in this country and an explanation of why the discrimination exists

    o A description of the ways the discrimination has affected the people of this country and conditions that have resulted from the discrimination such as segregation, political unrest, poverty, or war

    ? Format the paper according to APA style, and submit it as an attachment.

    Here are some Web sites:
    Population Reference Bureau at http://www.prb.org
    U.S. Census Bureau at http://www.census.gov
    World Population Information at http://www.census.gov/ipc/www/world.html
    Population Connection at http://www.populationconnection.org
    The World Factbook at http://www.cia.gov/cia/publications/factbook/index.html
    Bureau of Labor Statistics at http://www.bls.gov
    Envirolink at http://www.envirolink.org
    WomenWatch at http://www.un.org/womenwatch/
    Institute for Research on Poverty at http://www.irp.wisc.edu
    The World Bank at http://www.worldbank.org/data
    National Center for Children in Poverty at http://www.nccp.org
    Joint Center for Poverty Research at http://www.jcpr.org

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    After reviewing your post, I decided that the most effective way of providing a solution would be for me to create a sample essay that answers the concerns raised/asked in your post written in the standard APA form. You indicated that this essay/article would be geared as if it was being written for a travel magazine. Note that the way I have started the article/essay starts with an introduction to the country & its culture geared at inciting interest while sharing knowledge. For this particular solution I chose to write on Thailand & its ethnicity problems using the 'guidelines' indicated in your post. Although I am writing the essay below, I am also attaching a copy of it in word format that I strongly urge you to print while going through this solution just so you can clearly see how it looks like in 'actual form'. The attachment file is called 'Thailand Ethnicity.doc'.

    Now, APA asks that articles/essays ought to have an 'abstract' before the main body, Note what I have provided. An abstract is a quick summary of what the article/essay is about. For the purpose of this solution I chose to work on the Thais & the ethnicity & racial discrimination problems in Thailand because I am familiar with it & I offer it to you as a subject matter for use. You must reword/adapt the abstract according to your needs to avoid plagiarism. In fact, you have to guard against it. You should adopt this practice to the rest of the essay/article. I urge you, however to use the references in your work because I deem that it will be influenced heavily by the sample I have made for you. I also am attaching various essays by renowned journalists & sociologists on the current Burmese Refugee situation just so you can have more background on one of the issues I chose to tackle. Professors expect a degree of familiarity on such sociological situations with attention to details bordering on ethnographic messiness.

    The Title of the Article is a play on the idea & motivation behind the it: Prejudice & Discrimination. When you read the article it will be pretty much self explanatory.

    The first grouping of paragraphs (Part 1) is intended to introduce the reader to Thailand & its peoples: what they are their origins, the form of governance of the country, etc. while making way for topics in grouping 2.

    The second grouping (part 2) is aimed at introducing Thai concept of Hilltribes and their own nation while clearly delineating between the meanings of ethnicity & race. It discusses aspects of Karen Hilltribe life & how they are dealt with by the government --- the positives, the negatives, and the various areas where they are discriminated or alienated from the whole by virtue of otherness.

    The 3rd grouping (part 3) expands the issue of discrimination & prejudice that is practiced by the Thais vis-a-vis the issue of non-Thai Karen refugees from Burma & other Burmese nationals who have fled to Thailand through the years in fear of persecution & of the Burmese conflict as well as for economic reasons. Here I have also given examples of practiced abuses. I've also given a hint of my opinions (Articles are not news reports! Editors & professors would expect you to give it a bit of insight.). This grouping also includes the closing ideas as expected of any APA style article that gives hint to deeper problems involved in the issue, the purpose of which is to urge the reader to delve on the topic more.

    Note the word count & the Sources/bibliography. As I have not directly quoted from the sources, I did not have to indicate them directly in the body of the article. Now, I have mostly used internet sources for this article/essay. I strongly suggest that you visit the links & print the information therein to guide you. I have used one book on the hilltribes but since the information is used on the article, you do not need to find a copy of it, just make sure that you indicate it as a source.

    Sociology is a ...

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    The Solution sought to explain prejudice and discrimination by discussing the social problems confronting the displaced Kariang or Karen tribal minority of Burma & Northern Thailand. It looks at the Why, the How and the What of the issues involved in the displacement. It also profiles the host culture/nation that is also the host of their plight so as to give another dimension in the idea of cultural clashes resulting to discrimination & ethnic problems. Attachments include a word version of the sample essay and an article on Burmese Refugees in Thailand for an expansion on discussion of the Refugee problem.