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    The impact of treatment setting on client resistance

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    I need help understanding when dealing with clients who are resistant, please explain how the treatment setting matters and give examples of such settings. A peer review source to review will also be helpful.

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    First of all, when you talk about resistant clients you can be referring to one of two things.
    1. Some clients are overtly resistant to services because they do not think they need to make any changes. These non--voluntary clients may be court referred to receive services for substance abuse or anger management, or they may have been involuntarily committed due to suicidal or homicidal thoughts.
    2. Some clients are willing and able to get services, but internally, they are unable to face certain issues or feelings. These clients might show their resistance by use of ego defense mechanisms (denial, repression, rationalization, intellectualization, reaction formation). Ego defenses occur at a subconscious level, so the person is not deliberately resisting. They are protecting ...

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    This article defines two types of client resistance to treatment and describes how several treatment settings interact with resistant clients.