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What does it mean to step outside oneself?

Describe what being diversity-conscious means to you?

What area of social inequality frustrates you the most about other people? What approach could you take as an individual to avoid these frustrations or educate others on awareness?

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Describe what being diversity-conscious means in a personal context.

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As you first explore what does it mean to step outside oneself, I feel that it essentially means empathy and to "walk in another person's shoes" in order to see the person and his or her issues from a multifaceted approach. Since sociology requires us to examine the world critically, I think it also encourage us to be willing "to ask any question, no matter how difficult; to be open to any answer that is supported by reason and evidence; and to confront one's own biases and prejudices openly when they get in the way" (howardcollege.vct.org/credit/syllabus.php?).

In other words, I believe that we must take the personal out of topics and see issues critically with an open mind and heart. When we step outside ourselves and look at the Peruvian culture, for example, we are better able to understand alternate points of view and other vantage points, essential traits for effective sociological studies.

If you need to integrate a quote to show this issue, I love this one by Monet: "Those who danced were thought to be quite insane by those who ...

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