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    Language and Culture

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    Languages change over time and through exposure to different cultures. A language that is confined to a small geographical or social group is called a dialect. Dialects serve the function of solidifying group identity and establishing a cultural boundary between speakers and non-speakers. African American Vernacular English (AAVE), or Ebonics, is a social vernacular in the United States that caused a great deal of debate and controversy in 1996, when the Oakland California School District adopted a resolution to recognize AAVE as the "primary language of African-American children."

    Read about the teaching of Ebonics in this article from Education Week that discusses the outcome of the Oakland resolution five years after it was passed.

    Using the "Language" discussion forum, participate in a class discussion in which you reflect on the following:

    Consider and discuss any experience you may have with AAVE. Are you a speaker of the vernacular, or do you know anyone who is? Did this article change your perceptions about Ebonics? Does the historical context that AAVE may be a Creole language descended from the slave trade affect your perception of the dialect?
    Should Ebonics be should be taught in schools, and how might such a standard practice affect racial issues and society in America?
    How should schools deal with issues of non-English speakers in general?

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