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Connections between Culture and Language in Semitic Families

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A language family includes two or more languages or subfamilies that are closely related by their forms of grammar and syntax (sentence structure), and by shared vocabularies. To what extent do you think that language and culture are related? Can one suppose that people who speak languages that are in the same language family share a common culture, or vice-versa? What other factors do you suppose influence culture besides language? How do you think the study of languages and language families can provide clues to history? Use the Semitic and Indo-European language families for an example.

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Language and culture are intricately interconnected because a main portion of culture is the manner in which language is used and language is often used to assign meaning to circumstance as well as ideas they must co- exist.

It is possible and often times cultures that share the same root language have similarities but because culture is truly defined in the manner in ...

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This solution discusses culture and language within Semitic families.

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