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    ELL Parental Involvement

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    This 250-word summary briefly explains how you will communicate and share the information with students' families.

    Additionally, the solution further examines how you will seek and welcome parental input, insight, or participation from parents of those students for whom English is an additional language.

    Include at least three scholarly sources from your research to support your reasoning.

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    As you briefly summarize how you will communicate and share the information with students' families, I want to offer a print and email newsletter to disseminate to them in both English and their native tongues. I will enlist help from some of the listed links to translate the data for parents and families accurately. I will also make a PowerPoint and have a night called PIE, Partners in Education, where the students perform a song, dance, and reader's theatre to showcase their growth and to ...

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    300 words of notes and references briefly present some ideas about how to involve ELL parents.