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English Language Learning

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What are some cultural factors that might affect English language learning for native English speakers as well as those students for whom English is an additional language?
What are significant issues to consider regarding the instruction and the classroom environment for all students?
How would home and school partnerships facilitate learning?
What could be done to cultivate home and school partnerships?

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One of the biggest factors that affect ELL students is socioeconomic status. A good percent of ELL students are behind their peers who come from families of higher socioeconomic status. Poverty plays a very important role in how well a child does in school. Another factor is culture-based preferences for learning. For example, students from European and some Asian cultures enjoy rigid time schedules, individual studies, competitive learning environments, just to name a few. These are obviously different from American cultures. Another ...

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It is important for teachers with ELL students to note the cultural factors that weigh in when teaching.