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    Why is it important for teachers to discern the cultural differences among their students? What are some things that a teacher can do to learn more about the cultures of their learners? How could this influence lesson planning?

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    As you briefly summarize why it's so important for teachers to discern the cultural differences among their students it builds relationships and trust, making students more emotionally and socially prone to learning, which will then facilitate them academically and cognitively. Cultural differences manifest in student's individual learning styles, so it is imperative for teachers to construct our lessons to accommodate their needs. If students are auditory learners and we only use visual aids, for example, then their cultural and personal needs will remain unmet.

    It is vital for teachers to also be ...

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    200 words of personal ideas briefly validate how to deal with cultural differences among students in order to facilitate more diverse, multicultural, tolerant, and equitable classrooms.