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    Important Factors in Cultural Assimilation

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    You have new coworkers at your office name Jorge who is from Central America. He is unfamiliar with American customs and claims that he is undergoing culture shock and needs your help with the adjustment. In 2 pages, define assimilation and present the pros and cons of Jorge assimilating fully into U.S. culture. In addition, explain the relationship between language and culture and list some ways that Jorge can viably communicate with others in a multicultural society to help his integration into American society go smoothly.

    Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

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    As simulation is defined as the acceptance and practice of the culture, language, and mores and norms, of another often larger cultural group. One of the primary prose or advantages of Jorge assimilating fully into U.S. culture is the fact that this will allow Jorge to be able to become much more fluent in the American English that is utilized that is distinct from British English, etc. In essence, Jorge will be able to understand the communication from his coworkers to him, as well as to be able to communicate ideas more effectively to his coworkers. Another very important advantage of Jorge assimilating fully into United States culture, is the fact that he ...

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