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    Culture and how it impacts passivity and powerlessness

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    With reference to Bronfenbrenner and his PPCT model, discuss different ways that our culture makes people powerless or passive in interaction with their environments and thus in their own development.

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    Bronfenbrenner's ecological model of development

    Ways our culture makes people powerless or passive in interaction with their environment and thus development

    1. Our culture is defined by the political system, governmental system, educational system,economic system, religious system (macrosystems).
    i) For example, the educational system is preset. The curriculum is predetermined by the Ministry of Education (in Canada). Each child is expected to achieve a certain level of competency in math, language, physical/athletic skills, social skills etc. So, if a child is struggling and failing in some areas, the child receives low scores. This may happen several times in which the child finds no pleasure or motivation in school. The educational system has reinforced the "learned helplessness". The rigidity of ...

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    examines how culture can reinforce passive behavior and powerlessness using Bronfenbrenner's ecological model of human development.