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How language is used in different cultures

Please help me determine the differences in the way language is used in different cultures or the ways in which language reflects the culture and its worldview.

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The differences in the way language is used in different cultures or the ways in which the language reflects the culture and its worldview:

Culture includes a range of characteristics including what a particular group of people eat to their laws and morals. Every language represents a way of thought and thus is an important tool for transmitting culture from generation to generation. Language is an important tool to symbolize experiences and thought. Language is implemented in different manners by different cultural groups, and what counts as appropriate usage of language is different from society to society. Languages have developed to serve the cultural need of their people and serves as the main vehicle for cultural transmission across generations. Cultures also influence how language is utilized and language development.

Cultures reflect and sometimes dictate how people think and relate to the world around them including how they see, hear and interpret their environment and the world at large. Therefore, the same words can mean different things to people from different cultures, even when they speak the "same" language such as with Spanish speaking cultures, and even English speaking cultures. Look at England, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. Each country has English as the main language, yet each culture may use different words or even the same word with different semantics. The necessity of these differences reflects how each culture relates and interprets its world different.

Language can stem from the immediate environment, the culture's past, art, and may include an integration of surrounding influences. For instance in Africa, ...

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