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Workplace issues

These can be generic, any company or a ficticious company.

1.Express your views on the value your input to implement change is within your organization.

2.Explain how you handle work conflict with fellow co-workers when it arises?

3.Explain the morale of the workplace 10 years ago.

4.What makes that morale different today and how do you see the morale 5 years from now?

5.Explain other department's responsiveness to your needs?

6.My supervisor takes an interest in my personal goals with the company. Yes/No? How do you know?

7.What was the impression of your workplace and co-workers when you first began?

8.How has that impression changed?

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1. I have excellent value in my organization because I have both experience and credentials. I focus on the changes needed for students and have built up a reputation of being student education value focused. I also use fair grading methods that are helpful rather than degrading to students. Students value my opinions as well.

2. We communicate. Most of my colleagues and I stress the value of communicating our problems and work them out through interaction that is positive. We understand the value of what we do and try to maintain professionalism in all our interactions. Usually we are more likely to agree on how to improve conflict rather than participate in it.

3. The morale was higher by far. We each were using are skills to do ...

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A short discussion based on questions presented about the ficticious workplace and the value of the employee involved.