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    I need help to argue that advance multiculturalism is a more useful solution to issues of racism, within the context of the questions below: APA/ no longer than one page.

    Is American society in danger of hardening or increasing the divisions among ethnic groups?

    Is too much weight given to pluralism? Does this create subpopulations that will view others with considerable hostility, or is hostility more likely with an emphasis on assimilation? Which does America want?

    If all are competing for the same limited resources, how is this tension best mitigated?

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    Hello and thank you for using Brainmass. The solution below should get you started. It is in a Q&A form so as to provide a direct response to the questions. This is of course based on my perspective but, in your final paper, if you have your own observations, do include them as well. These questions are constructed so as to have perspective-based answers, arguably subjective as well. If you have any further questions with regards to this solution, please feel free to let me know by leaving a message. Good luck!

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    Questions on Ethnicity

    Q:Is American society in danger of hardening or increasing the divisions among ethnic groups?

    A: The American social landscape is multicultural. Multiculturalism had always been part of the nature of the American nation, after all it is a nation built by immigrants, a country that is the melting pot of global cultures. Predominantly Anglo-Saxon, the minorities over the years have added their own contribution to the mix. The issue, I believe with ethnic divisions is that even in a multicultural society, a sense of otherness and differentiation has always been in place affecting distribution of power and social inequality. A recent article in Time Magazine asked the question 'Is America Islamophobic?' (Time, 2010). This comes in the wake of the increasingly passionate protests against the proposed erection of a mosque close to or within the compound of the former site of the NY Twin Towers. Happening a decade ago, the 9-11 tragedy is still a raw event in much of American Society and the adverse affect of the event brought judgement to the Islam religion as a whole. Politicians and religious radicals rode the issue hard creating deeper divisions between advocates of tolerance and anti-Islam movements. Because of the 'sacredness' and nature of the Twin Tower grounds, for moderates and tolerance-claiming groups to push for the erection of a mosque in the area is doing more damage than it should. Certainly, all religions should be respected at the same time however, deeper cultural and historical reasons tied to the experience of a society, a ...

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