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Social Psychology Theories and Theorists

Blending and Adapting Qualitative Research Approaches

Discussing how the five qualitative research approaches might be blended or adapted to suit particular research questions or topics. Consider situations in which blending or adapting two or more research approaches might be useful. What kinds of research questions would benefit from such a blending or adapting?

The Effects of Stress on the Body and Brain

What physiological changes occur in the brain due to stress response? What emotional and cognitive effects might occur due to this stressful situation? Would the changes stemming from stress be any different if the same stress were being experiencing by a person depending sex or age? What three behavioural strategies would be im

Types of Parenting Styles

Talk to a relative, friend, or co-worker concerning her or his beliefs on child rearing. Based on the description you are given, would you say the parenting style most closely matches the authoritarian, authoritative, or overly permissive styles you have studied in this unit? How so? Using information from the textbook and fr

Impact of family relations on a caregivers' appraisal

Using the attached article, I need some notes on comparing the ontological, axiological, and epistemological assumptions that the author made in this study (with examples); discuss the research method the author used to validate and build knowledge in the area of caregiving, and explain how this method makes sense given the onto

Sex Offenders and Treatment Approach

I need a brief description of the research article entitled: Therapeutic Responses of Psychopathic Sexual Offenders Treatment Attrition, Therapeutic Change, and Long-Term Recidivism. It needs to include the type of sex offender and treatment approach. Then, would you please explain which treatment outcome model (recidivism

Comparison: Juvenile Sexual Offenders and Female Rapists

I need a a brief description of two types of sex offenders, I am particularly interested in juvenile offenders. Please explain at least two similarities and two differences between these two types of sex offenders. Please explain one challenge related to the treatment of each type of sex offender.

Research on the merits of restorative justice

I am seeking help with explaining restorative justice impact on lowering the rate of recidivism. Evaluate procedural or moral justice. Also, justify which type of justice is most useful based on psychological theories.

Amazon Company Review: Operations & Tech

Conduct a search of Amazon and its online communities, networking sites, and blogs to report company performance, employment practices, employee reviews, coupon offering, price comparisons, or other information that could either hurt or help Amazons reputation and/or profits. Directions: 1. Write a short summary about the

Psychological Consultation in Relation to Services and Settings

Discuss the potential application of consultation to settings relevant to your area of specialization: What is the role of consultation in the delivery of psychological services (within your respective specialization, setting, etc.)? What role does culture play in the delivery of consultation services?

Fatal Attraction/Stanford Prison Experiment

Part I In the movie "Fatal Attraction" the main character is suffering from a mental illness. Analyze the character's illness in terms of one or more of the theoretical perspectives (e.g. biological, psychoanalytic, cognitive-behavioral, biopsychosocial). Be sure to include references. - Describe the character's diagnosis in t

Classical and Positivist Schools of Criminology

Describe the basic elements of the classical and positive schools of criminology. Be sure to identify when each school emerged. Describe the contributions of Cesare Beccaria and Cesare Lombroso. Who is the "father of criminology"?

Analysis of the Zodiac Killer

Read and analyze why you think the zodiac killer was never captured. How is this serial killer different from a normal homicide suspect? What were his criteria when choosing his victims? Did forensic psychology have any input into this case? Why do you think he was never captured? Hindsight is better than foresight—w

Important Social Psychology Research: Milgram, Zimbardo

I need to know about two historical periods of attitude research 1950's and 1960's ( a brief description). what social issues and/or debates prevalent at the time may have influenced the focus of attitude research during each of these historical periods. I know that social psychology attitude has played a significant r

Multiculturalism from Sociological Perspectives

I need notes with at least 700 words that focuses upon the following: 1) Is the United States of America a multicultural country? Why? 2) Why is multiculturalism a controversial issue for some people? 3) How can the three sociological perspectives (social functionalism, social conflict, and symbolic interaction) be used to

Students' Class Assessments

I need help as to whether the assessments listed below would be appropriate to measure the students' performance based on these learning objectives for these two chapters in a syllabus. If not, can you help me with more appropriate assessments? Also, can you tell if the rationales for the assessments are grounded in instructiona

Differing Psychology instruction strategies for differing types of learner groups

Can someone help me a description of an instructional strategy and example that a psychology instructor could use for each of the following learner populations: adult learners, traditional college students, and graduate students. Also, why would the instructional strategy be appropriate for each learner population and how would

Sampling Strategies and Size

Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Quantitative Research Plan 3-to 5-page paper in which you recommend the sampling strategy and sample size for your quantitative research plan. Include a rationale for why that is the best strategy and size for your plan.

Comprehensive Guide: Doing Literature Review & Theoretical Disucssion

Perceptions of illegal immigrants and crime would be a topic to present. As much descriptive data both nationally and locally would be helpful. The project is a qualitative research, discussing correlation between two variables is unnecessary. With that, social organization theory may be less relevant to how immigrants view cr

Dispositional Personality Theory vs Evolutionary & Biolgocial Personality Theory

I need help writing about the following: - Describe the differences between dispositional and evolutionary or biological personality theories. - Discuss the strengths and limitations of dispositional and evolutionary or biological personality theories as they apply to behavior. - Discuss the Big Five personality test and h

Assigning Values in Likert Scales

Likert Scale. Since it is a continuum, how do we assign numerical value for statistical analysis if somebody rate themselves in between two answers (i.e. between 'not likely' and 'somewhat possible')?

Social, Clinical and General Psychology

700 words about how you examine social psychology. •Define social psychology. •Discuss how social psychology differs from other disciplines, such as clinical psychology, general psychology, and sociology. •Explain the role of research in social psychology. APA format is required. At least three references ar

Psychodynamic theory and personality

Create a 2- to 3-page brochure including graphics, on traditional psychodynamic theories. Describe personality. Discuss the main tenets of each theory, how they apply to personality and behavior, and the strengths and limitations of each theory.

Evaluation Research

Evaluation research applies the research methods to the assessment of an implemented program or policy. - Consider the purpose of evaluation research. - Determine which type of data is considered relevant to evaluation research in your discipline (Social Psychology). - Assess which research methods are applied most often

Mixed Methods Research Design

Explore what you believe is or are the biggest challenges for a researcher who wants to use a mixed methods strategy of inquiry. Determine which kinds of research questions would be served by a mixed methods strategy of inquiry and explain why. Indicate why you believe that more researchers are using a mixed methods strategy o