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Social Psychology Theories and Theorists

Survey & Experimental Methods (Social Psychology)

Instructions: In a 2-3 paragraphs that compares survey strategies of inquiry with experimental strategies of inquiry. - Explain how survey and experimental methods---including components, terminology, elements, statistics, etc.—are similar and different. - Determine which kinds of research questions would be served by a

Gestalists, notions, perception

Why would Gestalists believe that there is more to perception than meets the eye? How was Gestalt founded? Who was the founder of Gestalt?

Kubler-Ross stages of grief

The goal of this discussion is to use the stages of Kubler-Ross's grieving process to relate to an individual's responses to an artifact linked to death. Like developmental stages, the process of grieving and mourning a loss of a significant other, parent, or sibling can be recognized as a transition that helps us to integrat

Diagnosing Paul Gauguin

Provide a complete bio psychosocial review of Paul Gaugin. Write a comprehensive diagnostic formulation which integrates etiology, theory, and research. Provide verifiable evidence of Paul Gauguin's pychological problems. Should include the following: 1-Biopsychosocial 2-Presenting Problem 3- History of problem 4-Menta

Violence in the media research

Albert Bandura brought forth the social learning theory. In this theory, he studied how violence portrayed in the mass media would have an affect upon children. One of these effects was modeling. A child would internalize what he or she saw and imitate the behavior. Do you believe violence in the mass media and in video games

Leadership Characteristics

Give your opinion on identifying the combinations of leadership characteristics and skills that complement the major leadership styles. Identify follower and situational characteristics that impact the effectiveness of the major leadership styles.

B. F. Skinner's Legacy

According to B. F. Skinner's legacy, please discuss the modern-day applications of reinforcement learning in education and in behavior therapy.

Is Personality Stable

Question: What was Walter Mischel's critique of personality trait? Provide at least two arguments from his critique. Explain one example of modern research that supports his critique.

Job satisfaction in IO Psyc

Explain the relationship between job satisfaction and other outcomes (e.g., job performance). Analyze the role of job satisfaction in each of these outcomes. Consider the research evidence, and draw conclusions regarding the strength of these relationships and the state of research supporting each.

Utility analysis implementation

Describe the purpose of conducting a utility analysis. What factors influence whether the scientific selection will result in better-performing employees? How do valid predictors increase success ratios? What processes are involved in computing utility?

Psychological Tests in the Workplace

Describe psychological tests. Provide examples of three different types of psychological tests, describing what they measure. Give an example of a job context in which each of these might be "job-related."

Validation studies

Describe the steps needed to conduct a validation study. What are the benefits of conducting a validation study? If you were to NOT conduct a validation study, what would be the risks?

Job analysis issues

Describe what studies suggest regarding the reliability and validity of job analysis. What are some ways that you could increase the reliability and validity of a job analysis?

360-Degree Feedback System

What is a 360-degree feedback system? What are the advantages of 360-degree feedback? What are the disadvantages? If given the choice, would you prefer a 360-degree feedback assessment over a supervisor assessment of your own job performance?

Job Analysis

Choose a past or present job and conduct either a job-oriented or person-oriented job analysis, using a methodology of your choice. Method: Please state which methodology you chose to base your analysis on, and explain how you approached your analysis. It may not be possible to carry out each step of the formal approach and

Group Membership Psychology

How does group membership - even in minimal groups - contribute to prejudice and discrimination? Illustrate this with an example, either from your personal experience or observation.

Romantic love and culture

According to Robert Sternberg's (1986, 1988) triangular theory of love, love consists of three dimensions or "ingredients." What are those three dimensions? Provide an example of how different combinations of those dimensions yield different forms of love. In what sense is the concept of romantic love culture-specific?

Positive Psychology - Aging Well

Some psychologists have begun studying positive psychology, arguing that clinical psychology has focused too much on mental problems and other negative aspects of human behavior. Does social psychology focus too much on negative parts of behavior? Using research on pro-social behavior as an example, does social psychology focu

Culture and Self-Disclosure

Barnlund (1975) argues that people in some culture do not hesitate to open themselves by sharing their ideas and opinions in public; however, people in some other cultures prefer not to talk much about themselves in public. According to Barnlund, people who belong to the former case have a larger part of "public self" and a smal

Self-Control Theory of Criminality

A criticism of self-control theory is that as adults, it is already too late to instill levels of self-control that will inhibit criminality. Do you agree with this? What should be done with adults in the system? Are they a lost cause?

Notes on Sociological Theories of Crime

I would like help on compiling notes to complete a paper on describing the following sociological theories of crime listed, and discussing their strengths and weaknesses. The sociological theories are as follows: Social control theory Strain theory Differential association theory Neutralization theory Please provide r

Ethical Dilemmas in Academia

Can someone help me with a brief description of Dr. Aaron Hutchin's ethical dilemmas as they relate to professional oversight depicted in the media titled "The Lab" (see Website below)? Should the professor reinforce good work habits in the graduate students and postdoctoral students? Should the professor tell Gregg to go home

Social Facilitation Theories

Informing your post with scholarly sources, define and discuss social facilitation. Apply social facilitation theory to an aspect of society or social psychology.

Factors that Influence Identification

What factors influence identification with a group? Discuss factors that influence the relative strength of identification people might have with a group.

Cultural and Societal Expectations Shaping Internal Scripts

This discussion describes a time when this person relied on a script to guide their behavior in a particular situation. This person will also discuss how do cultural and societal expectations shape our internal scripts. 1) What are your thoughts on the content of this discussion below. Do you agree or disagree? My life as