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Social Psychology Theories and Theorists

Social Change Issue and Theory

Please help me with identifying a specific social change issue that has has a society wide impact such as the shooting in Ferguson, MO, of the the unarmed black male. Make reference to the theory that can be used to evaluate this issue/movement. How would this theory explain the primary cause for the social change? What are the

Ethics: Mental Health Services for Children & Families

Based on the attached article titled, "Ethical Challenges in Mental Health Services to Children and Families," I need some thoughts and suggestions on how to discuss the issues to be considered in working with children, adolescents, and their families in the areas of competence, consent, confidentiality, reporting, competing int

Treatment Planning and Intervention

Can you select a client or hypothetical client whom you have been working, and consider the treatment plan that is in place for that client and consider the approach you have used to formulate the goals for therapy and the means by which you will help the client to reach those goals. Discuss the following: Provide a very b

The Social Psychology Network

Visit the Social Psychology Network website. The website provides a number of links regarding conflict and antisocial behavior. Write a paper of 250-500 words in which you summarize what you learned.

Child Abuse and Neglect: Impact on Teens

Discuss the types of abuse and neglect that could be present in the life of a child or adolescent and that may impact their ability to function in their daily roles. What are some indicators that these issues may be present? List long-term effects for each type of abuse. Who are the different types of individuals that might spot

Teen Sexual Behavior: Assault & Trauma

I need some thoughts about discussing the various types of sexual assault that could occur with children and adolescents and what particular risk behaviors could be associated with each of these traumas? What would you suggest would be some intervention strategies to use to prevent these types of situations? What would be some s

Outline help

Please help provide two outlines for the top of Major Risk Factors and Influences. 1. Analyze major risk factors faced by the youth of today. Evaluate societal, community, and school factors that influence children and adolescents, and assess the interactions between these systems. Analyze innovative advocacy approaches in

12 Angry Men Film Notes

View the movie, 12 Angry Men (1957), Orion-Nova Productions. Discuss: Patterns of persuasion and conformity Issues of prejudice Reliance on cognitive heuristics Did the group in the film demonstrate group polarization? Are they at risk for groupthink?

Managing Client Resistance

Can you discuss your views of client resistance, and incorporate any cases you have encountered thus far in which you believe client resistance (or reluctance) may be a factor. If you do not believe client resistance has presented itself yet, base your discussion on your professional readings and beliefs. For the second porti

Reliability and Validity and Measurement Scores

identify and describe reliability studies that must be conducted by the researcher in each of the mini-cases shown below. This is a good way to learn about the information each reliability method provides, as well as sources of error examined by each method. Read and study each of the following mini-cases: Case A A resea

Social Pressure, Personal Experience, and Cultural Pressures

I need a little help stuck, this is new learning. What factors might affect attitude -behavior relationship? Meaning a person has a positive attitude toward an object the strength is strong. What factors could impact their attitude guiding their behavior? Is the function of the attitude or situational factors? Also what challeng

Teens: Power, Control and Rebellion

I need some ideas or suggestions regard the issues that plague the youth of today with regard to power and control. For example, what common issues arise when a minor has excessively controlling parents or is not allowed to make personal choices. How do you go about identifying such individuals? How would you go about giving the

Philosophical Beliefs

Resource: Discussion Participation Scoring Guide. The profession of counseling is distinguished from other helping professions by its distinct set of underlying philosophical beliefs. Your Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in Counseling text identifies four of these beliefs on pages 26-27. 1.Describe your own view of

Components of inhalant use, suicide attempts, & dating violence

I have chosen suicide attempts (see statistics on this attached), inhalant use, and dating violence (see stats attached document) and need to discuss each and look at what type of deficits lead to that type of behavior. In addition, I need suggestions, which need to be brief, to the cognitive, social and emotional components for

Acts of Terrorism and Fear

Identify the main terrorist threats in Detroit Michigan. Explain the type and nature of the terrorist threat. Describe the possible targets of the terrorist threat. Evaluate the impact the attack would have on the targets and the surrounding populations. Explain when it is an act of terrorism and when it is not. Expl

Social Behavior Theories

Describe how role theory, learning theory, and cognitive theory explain social behavior. Take a particular example from contemporary social issues or from everyday situations and use all three theories to explain the same actions.

Teaching Portfolio Assignment: Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Create a portfolio on teaching philosophies. Include the following sections: 1. Conceptualization of learning Ask yourself such questions as "What do we mean by learning?" and "What happens in a learning situation?" Think of your answers to these questions based on your personal experience. Chism (1998) points out that some

Birth Order as a Construct

Create a report on the usefulness of birth order as a construct. Utilize the birth order resources, or other experts in this area: Johnson, G. R. (2000). Science, Sulloway, and Birth Order: An Ordeal and an Assessment. Politics & The Life Sciences, 19(2), 211-245. Rodgers, J. (2000). The Birth Order Trap. Politics & The L

Crowd Violence Analysis

Research and discuss crowd violence (the theories behind the psychological, biological, and sociological correlates of these phenomena). Take some time to analyze and evaluate the sources, events, and systems from a counterterrorism perspective and discuss what you believe is the salient driving force behind violent crowds and w

Managing the Professional Service-Client Issues

My ideal practice size is a Mental Health Practitioner. Addressing the following issues: screening and hiring procedures, defining job descriptions, establishing salary, possible options of outsourcing, fees to clients (covering overhead & salaries) and issues of confidentiality.

Evolution of Psychology

Every generation of psychologist seems to engage in practices that the next generation looks back upon with concern and regret. Many of the former treatments for the mentally ill are viewed as unethical. I need information to create a PowerPoint Presentation about the following: 1) Reflect back on what do you think about ev

Social Learning Theory Validation

Based on Social Learning Theory I need some suggestions to discuss the methods used by scholars and researchers to validate and test the theory. Illustrate these methods by describing empirical studies that highlight these methods.

Article Analysis: Philosophical Assumptions and Methods

Discussion on ontological, axiological, and epistemological assumptions the researchers made in this study and the rationale for the use of a qualitative design. If you were to consult the author about using a mixed-methods or blended methods, approach, what philosophical assumptions would be made and why? What additional and re

Cindy Jackson's sense of her social self, concept, presentation

Process: Explore Cindy Jackson's official website at http://www.cindyjackson.com/ Critically analyze the contents of the complete website Based on your findings answer the following four questions: 1. What does your critical analysis of the website reveal to you about Cindy Jackson's sense of her social self, her self-concep

Counselling: Logical Positivism and Reflection in Action

Analyze the similarities between technical rationality and reflection in action and between logical positivism and interpretive epistemologies. Discuss evidences of technical rationality and reflection in action in counselling and then discuss that discipline's quest for professionalization. Refer to the attached documents for

Creating an Attitude Survey

Select an issue that you are interested in. Based on your issue, C=create an attitude survey. Explain the steps you took in creating your survey. Include the following: - Explain the purpose of the survey. - Discuss the preliminary design issues you experienced in creating your survey. - Describe the specific inst

Juvenile Offenders Critically Evaluated

Critically evaluate the effectiveness of the contemporary responses to juvenile offenses. Assess the effectiveness of alternative treatment programs for juvenile offenders. Identify the key components of a strategy to prevent juvenile delinquency and recidivism. Use references/cite sources.

Wadesville Case Study: Ethical Violations

Wadesville Case Study: Ethical Violations Use the Codes of Ethics for the Helping Professionals texts to identify five specific ethical violations present in the case study. Provide the ethical codes from the text, and explain why each situation violates an ethical code. Then, explore the function of ethical standards in rese