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    Examples of true and genuine leadership

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    From your professional experience, identify examples of true and genuine leadership you have encountered. Explain the characteristics that lead you to believe this to be authentic and genuine leadership. Give examples and support your assertions with current research.

    You may use the article Ethics, Character, and Authentic Transformational Leadership Behavior by Bernard M. Bass, and Paul Steidlmeier. (http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S1048984399000168)

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    As you briefly examine examples of true and genuine leadership that you have encountered, my favorite former boss exhibited charismatic leadership. In fact, she took a school that was failing and facilitated changes to transform it into a prestigious, Blue Ribbon school!

    In terms of her characteristic, she was fair and impartial to all staff, optimistic, innovative, moral, and logical. As the article suggests, she was effective because she fostered "....awareness of what is right, good, important, and beautiful, when they help to elevate followers' needs for achievement and self-actualization, when they foster in followers higher moral maturity, and when they move followers to go beyond their self-interests for the good of their group, organization, or society" (191).

    Beyond test scores and lesson plans, she was encouraging, a cheerleader but not in a fake way. For ...

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