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I need help as to whether the assessments listed below would be appropriate to measure the students' performance based on these learning objectives for these two chapters in a syllabus. If not, can you help me with more appropriate assessments? Also, can you tell if the rationales for the assessments are grounded in instructional theory and learning theory? Also, do the assignments align with my learning objectives? This syllabus is for a tentative Introduction to Psychology course. Two of the chapter in the book is about a) Neuroscience and b) Sensation and Perception. The information for the course is below.

A) The rationale for the Neuroscience chapter is that students will identify and understand brain parts and their function in relation to one's nervous system. The objective for this chapter is that students will a) label and identify parts of the brain and b) understand the brain and its functions in relations to the nervous system. There will be in-class discussion as to what is happening inside one's brain when nervousness or other emotions occurs. The class will then be given handouts of the brain to identify, label and explain their connection to our emotions, etc.

B) The rationale for the chapter on Sensation and Perception is that student will understand how the brain relates to one's emotional state, sensation and perception. The objective of this chapter is that the students will a) understand the physical world relationship to the psychological world and b) understand the role that sensation and perception play in critical thinking. The student will be given a set of picture for assessment of their perception of them. This paper will be due in one week. Once the papers are turned in there will also be an in-class discussion concerning them and how they relate to critical thinking.

Also, upon the completion of these two chapters, there will be an exam given on them.

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(A) A study of neuroscience is related to the functions and divisions of the brain, and the major role the brain plays in regulating cognitive processes. The brain is the organ in our bodies that most directly controls our thoughts, emotions and motivations, and determines how we interact with the world around us (Sternberg, 2006). According to Sternberg, cognitive psychologists use various methods to study how people think and learn that includes experiments, psychobiological techniques, self-reports, case studies, naturalistic observations, and computer simulations and artificial intelligence. From this premise, Cognitive neuroscience is the field of study linking the brain and other aspects of the nervous system, particularly the brain relative to cognitive processing and ultimately to behavior. In addition, neuroscience research is focused on studying brain disorders that impair cognitive functioning including disorders such as strokes, brain tumors, and head injuries as all benefit from studies on neuroscience (Pinel, 2006).

Neuronal research revolutionized the study of learning and memory in demonstrating its usefulness for the diagnosis of some learning disabilities. Thus, primarily neuronal studies have been focused on learning processes. For example, Dunne, Zapf, Hamer, Folz, Kauser, & Fischer (2006) conducted a study to assess the performance related to students' test-taking, and the effectiveness of clinical courses as a learning environment. The investigation included: (a) proximity of the course to the students test taking, (b) the students' learning styles, and (c) their self-motivation for learning in relation to how well they ...

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This solution discusses the assessments of sensation, perception and neuroscience as they relate to performance success.

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