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Important Social Psychology Research: Milgram, Zimbardo

I need to know about two historical periods of attitude research 1950's and 1960's ( a brief description). what social issues and/or debates prevalent at the time may have influenced the focus of attitude research during each of these historical periods.

I know that social psychology attitude has played a significant role it seems since the 1920's. Attitude research may have been important during these times because of what was going on in world; events such as prejudice related to civil rights and technological changes or other advancements. I cannot seem to find an article that addresses why or what influence social psychologist to move forward with attitude research and how theories may come together because of it. The professor wants an scholarly article addressing the above.

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Social psychology attitude research: two historical attitude research - 50's and 60's

The 50's and 60's were historical periods that were influenced greatly by the WWII (ending 1945). Particularly, the aftermath of the war crimes, the human atrocities, ie. Holocaust . This period in time gave rise to many questions to the nature of humanity. The social issues and debates were around the questions- How can a society condone such human atrocities? How can people be coerced in committing such horrific actions? Why do people (seemingly fine upstanding citizens) behave so atrociously? How can people who commit such inhumane actions justify their actions?

i) Milgram- an experiment studying the behavior of obedience
- in this experiment, subjects were told that they were to teach a task to the learner. If ...

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This solution looks at two significant research in social psychology that has impacted our understanding of human behavior particularly in tragic and atrocious historical events.