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    Differing Psychology instruction strategies for differing types of learner groups

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    Can someone help me a description of an instructional strategy and example that a psychology instructor could use for each of the following learner populations: adult learners, traditional college students, and graduate students. Also, why would the instructional strategy be appropriate for each learner population and how would they be influenced by instructors using the constructionist theory of learning.

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    An instructional strategy that a psychology instructor could utilize for adult learners would be a strategy that involves providing these adult learners with research questions, and having these individuals to answer these research questions by utilizing online psychology resources. An example of this would be having adult learners to research and answer a question as to why empirical research is necessary. This instructional strategy would be appropriate for this population, due to the fact that adult learners are usually very mature and capable of learning best through hands on research activities. Due to these factors, adult learners would be influenced to utilize their own ingenuity in creating the most efficient means by which to engage in the ...

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    This solution describes differing psychology instruction strategies that can be utilized for different types of learners.