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Arranging the classroom for ELL students

ELL students can be visual learners, auditory learners and the differing ways students attain information best is really important to keep in mind, when staging an appropriate classroom style.

Much of the research related to second language acquisition indicates that linguistically diverse children learn higher-level cognitive skills best in a social context - through talking, writing, reading and listening. What implications do these findings have on the way classrooms are organized?

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The traditional style of students sitting in rows, with lecture-style instruction and students primarily listening and taking notes is out for an optimal English Language Learning classroom. Montessori, multi-age, and clustering (types of students in various groups) make this new trend function well. Hands-on stations, allowing for differing learning styles and using clear visuals within view on walls are good techniques ...

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The expert examines helping English Language Learners with an effective classroom layout is discussed. Visual learners and differing ways students attain information is determined.