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Criminal Law and Justice

Discussing Inmate Riots and Disturbances

Discuss inmate riots and disturbances. Include factors that cause them and response team roles and goals. How can prisons try to prepare for these types of events? What preventive actions can prison administrators take to reduce inmate unrest and lessen the chances of a precipitating event starting a riot?

Discussing Sentencing Policy 330 word essay with reference

What is the basis for the current approach to sentencing? What are its pros and cons? What has resulted from using this approach? What role does accountability play in decisions concerning sentencing policy? 330 word essay with reference

What is Restorative Justice, and What Does It Involve?

What is restorative justice, and what does it involve? How does a pure restorative justice model work? Discuss the restorative sentencing model devised by Vermont. Why are restorative justice concepts considered to be "a new paradigm for sentencing and corrections that will be expanded in the future" (Seitz, 2011)?

Completing an Annotated Bibliography 1700 word essay with references

Hi, I need assistance with the following task. I was thinking I would do it on the subject of transitioning back to life after being in prison, but if you come up with a different example that is fine. Task: The description of your topic should not only identify your topic in general, but identify some particular aspect abo

Family Violence - Safety Measures and Community Resources

Becky and Tim are involved in a turbulent relationship. Tim has continuously suppressed all of Becky's efforts to secure employment. They live in a small single-wide trailer several hundred yards from the main road. They have two young children, aged one and two, who are unable to make the trip from the trailer to the main road

Juvenile and Adult Judicial System Differences

Explain the differences between the juvenile and adult judicial systems: - The history and development of the juvenile justice process (both systems) - The focus of the juvenile justice system - The focus of the adult justice system - Strengths and weaknesses of the treatment and prevention models in each system - Strengt

Juvenile Courts - Guardian Ad Litem and Court-Appointed Special Advocates

Sometimes, juvenile courts appoint guardians ad litem (GALs), who represent the best interests of juveniles. Court-Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) is a program that appoints guardians to help juvenile delinquents. Please help me with: A brief definition of the responsibilities of a guardian ad litem. The definition of CA

Death Penalty for Juveniles

On March 1, 2005, the Supreme Court abolished the death penalty for juveniles. The case of Roper vs. Simmons led to this decision. Do you agree with the Supreme Court's decision to abolish the death penalty for juveniles? Explain the pros and cons of imposing the death penalty as a consequence for heinous crimes juveniles com

Crime and delinquency

1. Maddan, Walker, and Miller reference studies from the 1950s when they say that "the Gluecks concluded that there is no combination of physical traits and sociological traits which could predict delinquency in an individual." How do such findings support the position of Maddan et al.? 2. What does Barry mean when he says th

Fighting Organized Crime or Counter-Terrorism

Should the American government focus the bulk of its law enforcement resources on fighting organized crime, or counter-terrorism? Discuss the history of organized crime in America. Include in your discussion a definition of organized crime; a detailed, thorough example of a criminal organization currently operating in the Uni

Criminal Justice: Illegal Immigration

What effect does illegal immigration have on the US criminal justice system? Establish a tentative research and null hypothesis, as well as specify dependent and independent variable(s).

Prison System and Views

1. What are the different models of American prisons (Pennsylvania and Auburn)? How do these models differ? What would happen if there was only one model to follow? 2. What are the various forms of punishment exercised during the 1700's? Which criminal activities/events lead to these types of punishment(s)? Compare and contra

Durkheim: Crime is "Normal"

1) What does Durkheim mean when he says that crime is "normal"? 2) Identify at least two ways in which this observation is linked with his overall view. 3) In recent years dozens of students have been shot and killed or injured by other students, some as young as 11. How do you think Durkheim and Moynihan would analyze thi

The Media and Political Views

Assume you were conducting an experiment on the media and political views. You would have one of the participants' watch CNN for a half hour a day for a week, another watch MSNBC, and the other to watch Fox News. Would their political beliefs skew the results of whether they would think it was liberal or conservative? Do you bel

Should the Government Mandate Testing for the ASF Gene?

For this question, assume that science has been able to identify the particular gene that is associated with an increased risk of adult antisocial behavior in that persons with this gene are four times more likely to commit a felony from the ages of 18-30 than are persons who lack this gene (call the culprit gene ASF, short for

National Crime Survey

Would you answer honestly if participating in a national crime survey asking about your criminal behavior, including any drinking and drug use? Why or why not? Explain how honesty and dishonesty impact self-report studies.

School Violence and Dress Code or Uniform Policy

Provide a quick synopsis of the current problem of violence in US schools. What are the reasons for suggesting a new dress code or uniform policy for the students? What does the proposed dress code or uniform policy look like? What are steps to ensure the students adhere to the dress code or uniform policy? What might some penal

Discussing Juvenile Interviews 250 words

Read the following article written by an attorney in New Jersey, discussing 10 tips for success while interviewing juvenile clients: http://www.abanet.org/genpractice/newsletter/lawtrends/0409/family/juvenile.html Is there any item that you would want to remove from the list? If yes, with what would you replace this item?