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Criminal Law and Justice

Summary on Learning Theories

How would the general theory of crime account for the children who are reared poorly and who exhibit low self control, but who do not go to commit crimes?

Discussion on Mentally Ill Juveniles in the Justice System

Hi, I need some help discussing the treatment of mentally ill juveniles in the justice system. I need to include facts surrounding mentally ill juveniles in the justice system, along with the types of programs to identify, treat, and prevent substance abuse, violence, and mental health problems. Additionally, an analysis of the

The Juvenile Justice System

Since 1646, there have been many changes in the juvenile justice system in the areas of age, crimes committed, punishment, and the judicial process. Read the following scenario: A local store owner caught John, a 14-year-old boy, stealing approximately $100 worth of goods from the store. This was the second time John was caug

Family Violence and Legislation

What is an understanding of the ways that legislation shaped responses to domestic violence? Discuss legislation that paved the way toward intolerance of domestic violence. Discuss and display an understanding of how legislation meant to protect can harm individuals. Discuss the Minneapolis experiment and its significance i

Restorative Justice Process

Define Restorative Justice. Explain the restorative justice process. Identify how the crime in the case study had effects that went beyond harm to the immediate victim. Describe how the restorative justice process differs from contemporary criminal justice processes. Reflect on how the restorative justice process

Criminal Justice: Women's Prisons

How would you describe prisons for women? How would you compare women's prisons to those for juveniles and men? What would happen if there were no distinction for prisons among the groups previously mentioned?

Chemical, Biological and Nuclear Threats of Terrorism

What is the current assessment of the potential threat for biological, chemical, or nuclear acts of domestic terrorism? Threats against our national defence have become a focal point of country since the 9/11 attacks. In saying this we must maintain oversight of the many different venues that terrorist can attack our infrastr

Questions About Being Arrested for a Minor Offense

Dear Friend, I find myself in quite a predicament due to my own misfortune and bad judgment. My 6-year-old son and I were recently left homeless after I was laid off from my job and my house was taken by the bank. I enrolled my son in a nearby elementary school when school started in the fall. I used the addre

Experimental Design, Rival Causal Factors, Etc.

Please help me with an assignment by providing sample responses to the given questions. Imagine that you were being paid by a criminal justice agency to conduct research. 1. What topic would you study? 2. What experimental design would you use? Why? 3. What rival causal factors (internal validity and external validity)

Correctional Leadership Training Session

Correctional Leadership You have been asked by your supervisor to present a training session on correctional leadership to the senior staff at your correctional facility. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of at least seven slides to be used in your presentation. Your presentation should include the following information:

The Importance of a Code of Ethics

Provide provide an over 250 word essay with references and an example. Display and discuss an example of an organisations's code of ethics.

National Homeland Security Strategy and Counterterrorism

Should the United States restructure the FBI, up to and including its termination and the creation of a new agency, and recreate it to reflect the MI-5 model? What strategy components would you take from the MI-5 model, if any, and incorporate into your strategic plan? The U.S. DHS recently scrapped the oft-ridiculed color-c

Neighborhoods and Crime

I need help with a summary of Neighborhood and Crime. The texts are George Vold; Theoretical Criminology and Construction of Deviance by Adler and Adler.

Inmate Programs and Evidence-Based Practices

The inmate who has been incarcerated continues to engage in risky behavior that is likely to lead to recidivism once released. He has had several rule infractions and several stays in solitary confinement. His case manager has decided to reevaluate his case plan and make changes. The goal is to get him involved with additional p

Internet Related Crimes

I need help on finding three peer-reviewed articles on internet related crimes and then I need to write about them or I think paraphase them in about 250 words a piece. The professor was not very clear on this but that is what I will do on this question. Also I need help in using it in APA style

Domestic Intelligence Operations

Over the past 10 years, each state and local government have implemented information and intelligence sharing policies and practices, including the creation of one or more state-level fusion centers, in an effort to create a seamless, interactive system of information sharing to counter the terrorist threat. The systems in place

Capital Punishment State Laws

I need help answering the following question in ~2 pages. Is it fair to leave capital punishment up to individual states?

Classical School, Deterrence and Positivism

What is the philosophy of the Classical School in criminology? How does this philosophy affect current policy? How do researchers study deterrence today? Is it effective? What factors contributed to the intellectual heritage of positivism? Are these factors still relevant today? Why?

Degrees in Criminal Justices

Need assistance on putting together a 3 page research paper on what a student my learn earning a BA Degree in Criminal Justices.


1. What is discovery? To what extent is discovery helpful or a hindrance? Provide examples. 2. What takes place during the jury decision-making process? How effective is the process in accurately determining guilt? specific cases to support your opinion. 3. How might racial and ethnic disparities affect the treatment of su

Analyzing a Criminal Prosecution Case

Courtroom TV Paper: Research the Internet and find a celebrated criminal prosecution case to analyze, such as a criminal case that received media attention. This case must have proceeded to trial; it cannot have been plea bargained or dismissed before the trial phase. Address the following questions: 1) Summarize the cri

The Court System

The courts can assist in recidivism reduction efforts by using empirically tested assessment tools to assist the judge with making sentencing decisions. 1) What are 2 tools that are used within the court systems? 2)What are the advantages and disadvantages of each of them? 3) How does the risk principle apply and how can it

Courtroom Participants' Professional Standards

Courtroom Participants' Professional Standards Research on the Internet and locate at least one real-life example of each of the following: - Prosecutorial misconduct - Ineffective assistance by criminal defense counsel - Judicial misconduct Summarize each example and address the following questions: - What did the

Duties and Roles of those in Court

* Identify the duties, role, and ethics of the prosecutor. * Describe examples of prosecutorial misconduct. * Identify the duties, role, and ethics of the defense attorney. * Describe examples of ineffective representation of counsel. * Identify the duties, role, and ethics of judges. * Compare the various methods

Courtroom Participation Chart

I just need your ideas in regards to the attached chart. Courtroom Participant Chart Complete the following chart. What are the individual's responsibilities in the courtroom process? Why is it important for these responsibilities to be fulfilled adequately? (Consider the effect of overzealousness as compared with the

Etiology of Crime

The etiology of crime is a fascinating area of study that has become more and more popular over the past 10 years. Before criminal psychology became popular, each area of study was kept separate; sociology, criminology (which was strictly sociologically based in the U.S.), psychology, forensics, psychiatry, neurology, victimolog

Crime and Economic Conditions

I need a jump start in the area of Crime and Economic Conditions. My reading is from books Theoretical Criminology, George Vold, Thomas Bernard,and book Constructions of Deviance. Or the other subject is Biological Factors and Criminality from the same books.

Criminological Theories and Research

What are the major types of criminological theories? How are they similar? How are they different? What is criminological research? What provides discipline in the research process? Why is such discipline important? What are similarities and differences between qualitative and quantitative research? Which one has a more

Role of the CIA in domestic counterterrorism efforts

What is the role of the CIA in domestic counterterrorism efforts (both domestic and international terrorism)? How has that role changed to its current status? What is the legal basis for this requirement of having an agency authorized to engage in domestic investigations involved in overseas contingency operations? Based on

Defense Attorneys

1. What is judicial selection? How important is the relationship of judicial selection to the other courtroom participants? How can this relationship be improved? 2. What tasks are normally undertaken by a defense attorney? How do members of the public view defense attorneys? How do the clients of those attorneys tend to see