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Criminal Law and Justice

The Criminal Justice System

Could I get assistance with the following question please. I am not too sure how to approach this. Thank you Question: The criminal justice system is made up of three main branches, including law enforcement, the judiciary, and corrections. The system as a whole can be viewed and analyzed from different perspectives and conside

Accountability in the criminal justice system

How can accountability be enhanced in policing, corrections, and other components of the criminal justice system? How does accountability and liability correlate within the criminal justice system?

Charged in a State Trial Court

An African American defendant, who was charged in a state trial court with bank robbery, objected to the prosecutor's use of peremptory challenges to excuse three black men from the jury panel. The prosecutor explained that he excused the first juror because the juror had long unkempt hair, a mustache, and a beard. The prosecu

The Concept of Habeas Corpus

- What is Habeas Corpus? - Should Habeas apply to everyone? - How does Habeas apply to actual innocence claims? Is additional legislation necessary to deal with appeals and habeas corpus claims? what provisions should the new legislation contain?

American Corrections

Hi, I need assistance with the following questions related to the American corrections system. Question: Identify and discuss the historical development of corrections in the United States and its influences. - How has corrections evolved since the early years of the United States? Explain. - What were the major milestones i

References Regarding the Juvenile Court and Justice System

Hi, I need assistance gathering information on the following topics. The Juvenile Justice System, two problems with: - Law enforcement - Training - Department size. Juvenile Corrections: - Overcrowded juvenile facilities - Budget cut/ facility closures Juvenile Court System: - Overcrowded dockets - Place for re

Gun Laws and Police Management

Hi, I need assistance discussing the following questions. I am not too sure how to approach them. 1. Discuss the various degrees of firearms control in place today, as mentioned by Zimring (e.g., "time, place and manner laws" and restricting dangerous users from obtaining guns). Do you believe that any of these solutions would

Discussing Juvenile Procedures

Discussion: Explain the laws that influence police procedures with respect to juveniles. Explain the laws that impact these procedures followed by juveniles in the court. Also, discuss an overview of important Supreme Court cases that ensured juvenile rights, and describe how these cases ensured the rights of juveniles.

Law Enforcement and Gathering of Information

Law enforcement did not always have the tools for gathering all information needed to prepare a case. Throughout time, laws have been made to secure the rights of criminal investigators to obtain the material needed to substantiate the evidence used in court cases. Have the development of new laws made the responsibilities of

Grand Jury Subpoena

Leonard Baum Scenario: Leonard Baum was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death. In preparing an appeal, Baum's attorney learned that the state never disclosed certain evidence favorable to Baum. That evidence included eyewitness statements taken by the police following the murder; statements made to the police

Research Methods and Aggregated Scores

Go to websites that aggregate ratings of products like films (metacritic.com and rottentomatoes.com are particularly useful). Determine how the scores are calculated, in other words, what is the process by which individual critic's ratings of movies are aggregated into a single score (what constitutes a positive or negative revi

Domestic Violence: A Case Study.

Discuss the issues of domestic violence and how best to respond to the following case: A male who seems tired and disoriented is found wandering along a side street. The officer brings the male to the police station in order to determine the best course of action. The male is informed that he is not under arrest, but that the

Right and Protections Available to Juveniles in Michigan

1) Summarize the rights and protections available to juveniles in Michigan, using research and examples. 2) Identify the criteria for adult waiver and laws regarding the same in a different state using research and examples. 3) Highlight current trends in the juvenile justice system of that state by quoting recent changes

Important Physical Security Components

Discuss physical security and the importance of the following components: - Building security - Grounds security - Access control systems - Perimeter security - Information systems and technology security

U.S. Law and Actions that Countries Do Not Consider Criminal

1. Incarceration rates in the United States are higher due to some actions being considered criminal that other countries do not. Let's see if we can identify some actions other countries do NOT consider criminal that we do. 2. What changes would improve prisoner rehabilitation?

Determining Conditions of Probation

Determining Conditions of Probation - The Value of Probation and Parole - Objectives and Conditions of Probation - Special Supervision Programs - History of Parole - Parole Board - Recommendations concerning the conditions of a client's probation, or parole, that were not included in the options.

DNA Identification Technology

Please see the attached for the question. Unit 6 question I know in recent years advances in DNA identification technology have led to a number of exonerations of convictions that were based on eyewitness identification because DNA identification was not available at that time. And the procedures for eyewitness identific

Juvenile procedures and rights

You are working with your state's Crime Prevention Commission as a counselor. In the course of your work you encounter John, a 14-year-old juvenile offender charged with vandalism and assaulting a police officer while being taken into custody. John would like to have legal counsel at his hearing. He is fearful that he will re

Juvenile Procedures - Standards of Proof

Identify the different standards of proof for evidence used in U.S. legal proceedings. How is the standard of proof required in juvenile court proceedings different from the standard of proof required in adult court proceedings? In your opinion is it necessary and fair to have different burdens of proof for juveniles and adult

Juvenile Life-Without-Parole

According to Human Rights Watch, the current juvenile life-without-parole population in California will cost the state approximately half a billion dollars by the end of their lives. Do you think it is appropriate, or relevant, to cite the expense of incarceration as a justification for rethinking life without parole for juvenil

Bill of Rights 1

Please help me discuss amendments related to due process protections and criminal procedures.

Probable Cause under FISA

Describe the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Compare and contrast the probable cause requirement under FISA with an "ordinary" article III warrant.

Constitutional Protections in Criminal Investigations

Address constitutional amendments and case law that relate to interrogations, confessions, or identifications. Address each of the elements listed below: 1. Define the four basic components of the Fifth Amendment. 2. Discuss the constitutional rights associated with confession law, and provide an overview of relevant c

Legal intervention in the lives of youths

Mary, a 15 year-old juvenile with no history of delinquency, has been remanded to the juvenile court because she does not listen to her parents and is believed to be sexually active. Do you think that such an act or other legal intervention in the lives of youths is constitutionally valid? Be sure to consider whether this legal

Juvenile Procedures - Status Offenses

Discuss the laws pertaining to status offenses. In your opinion, should law enforcement agencies continue to respond to these statutory offenses? Why? Support your view with examples. Use references/site sources.

Seizure laws specific to juveniles

You are assisting an attorney defending a juvenile caught with drugs in his school locker. School authorities checked the teenager's locker randomly as part of a "get tough" policy that the school initiated. The attorney has assigned the following tasks to you: Summary on the search and seizure laws specific to juveniles, wi

Ethics and the Stanford Prison Experiment

Locate by external reference the Stanford Prison Experiment. Discuss any ethical dilemmas the researcher faced with this project. Do you feel the problem was in the experiment's design or unethical behavior of the researchers? Discuss your arguments in 2 pages in APA format and site sources.