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Things to Change in Juvenile Justice Process

I need help composing a flow chart of the juvenile justice process and then summarizing at least two things that should be changed in that process and why.

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Please find the flow-chart attached.

The two most counterproductive areas that need change within the juvenile justice system are the arrest and disposition of cases for juveniles. The discretion that is enabled for police officers could be beneficial if it were distributed equally for all juveniles. Unfortunately, minorities suffer the brunt of discretionary practices by police officers who choose to arrest and detain them while offering white juveniles more autonomy to remain out of the juvenile justice system. I believe that for minor and non-violent offenses such as drug possession and petty thefts juveniles should be shown leniency for their first offenses because research shows that many juveniles from all racial demographics engage in these offenses. The current use of discretion that disproportionately places minorities within the juvenile system for these minor infractions results in ...

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The following posting discusses things that need to change in the juvenile justice process.