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Criminal Law and Justice

Probable Cause under FISA

Describe the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. Compare and contrast the probable cause requirement under FISA with an "ordinary" article III warrant.

Constitutional Protections in Criminal Investigations

Address constitutional amendments and case law that relate to interrogations, confessions, or identifications. Address each of the elements listed below: 1. Define the four basic components of the Fifth Amendment. 2. Discuss the constitutional rights associated with confession law, and provide an overview of relevant c

Legal intervention in the lives of youths

Mary, a 15 year-old juvenile with no history of delinquency, has been remanded to the juvenile court because she does not listen to her parents and is believed to be sexually active. Do you think that such an act or other legal intervention in the lives of youths is constitutionally valid? Be sure to consider whether this legal

Ethics and the Stanford Prison Experiment

Locate by external reference the Stanford Prison Experiment. Discuss any ethical dilemmas the researcher faced with this project. Do you feel the problem was in the experiment's design or unethical behavior of the researchers? Discuss your arguments in 2 pages in APA format and site sources.

Juveniles and Inmates

1. What recommendations for juvenile courts does Barry C. Feld offer that would not necessitate abolishing them? Why does he dismiss them, preferring instead to abolish juvenile courts altogether? What "cushions" does Feld recommend for juveniles being adjudicated in adult courts? How might they be helpful? How might they be har

Juvenile Procedures

Provide a profile of juvenile offenders, including their age, race, sex, family characteristics, and other factors. List the types of offenses that juvenile offenders commit and the characteristics of offending. Provide information about juvenile victimization that promotes officer empathy for youths. Highlight important iss

Differentiating juvenile and adult offenders

Legal definitions of juvenile status vary widely in the United States. Taking into account factors that may impact levels of maturity and culpability, propose a chronological age that you believe should differentiate juvenile offenders from adult offenders. Give reasons for proposing your chosen age of majority. Should this age

Discussing the Prison Environment

Please provide some assistance coming up with ideas. Task: Assume the role of correctional officers at a maximum-security prison. A university professor has asked you to speak to her class about your experiences as correctional officers. To prepare for the visit, she has sent you the question that the students will ask you.

Shoplifting Consequences

Please help answer the following questions regarding the consequences of shoplifting. Provide at least 300 words in the solution. Which would concern you more should you be caught shoplifting: receiving legal punishment or having to face the reactions of your friends and family? Would the reactions of your friends be differe

Sentencing and Punishment in the U.S. Corrections System

Analyzes the principal objectives of punishment within the U.S. corrections system and answer the following questions: 1. What are the state and federal objectives of punishment? 2. How does sentencing affect the state and federal corrections systems overall? Support your answer. 3. What is determinate and indeterminate sent

Criminal Justice System: Sentencing and Litigation

1. What is sentencing? How does sentencing impact corrections? How can we improve sentencing so that it improves the correctional system overall? 2. What is the objective of punishment in the criminal justice system? How does punishment apply to the overall objectives of the criminal justice system? How can we improve punis

Framing a Research Question: Holocaust Scenario

Examine the following two questions from the Roper Center's July/August 1994 publication, The Public Perspective, from John (Jay) Stewart's (University of Hartford) posting on the methods net and are also noted in Babbie. In November 1992 the Roper Center did a survey for the American Jewish Committee using the following ques

2002 Los Angeles Airport Shooting

On July 4, 2002, an Egyptian citizen who was living in Irvine, CA but had recently returned from a visit to Egypt pulled a gun at the El Al counter at LAX International Airport, started shooting and stabbing, killing two people and wounding others before he himself was killed by a security guard. FBI concluded that this act was

Community Policing Policy

1. Describe community policing policy. 2. Discuss how the police policy was created. 3. Identify the key actors involved in making the policy. 4. Provide an example of the policy in use. 5. Was the policy effective or ineffective? Explain your answer and provide data or evidence to support your conclusion.

Juvenile Justice Philosophy

An overview of the juvenile justice philosophy from the early 1900s through today to include a brief synopsis of the court's view of juvenile offenders. Demonstrated an understanding of the rationale for creating juvenile courts. Demonstrated an understating of current trends in seeking to create specific juvenile courts and

Molestation Charge Repercussions

Robert agrees to a plea bargain to plead guilty to a lesser assault charge and lesser charges of fondling in the case of his daughter. The DA agrees to drop the stalking charges. Robert is given six months probation and ordered to attend anger management and batterer classes and to maintain a distance of at least 200 ft from Ali

Resources for Individuals of Cycle of Family Violence

Case: Jared never had the time or incentive to go to college; he hadn't even finished high school. He grew up in a chaotic home with a father who would rather knock him across the room as answer a question and a mother who was more often than not in an alcoholic stupor. Jared swore he would not grow up to be his father. He le

Jail and Prisons Comparison

Include the following: - A description of jail's place in corrections and its role throughout history - A summary of the history of state and federal prisons - A comparison of the similarities and differences between security levels in jails, state prisons, and federal prisons - An explanation of factors influencing growth

Discussing Parole Hearings

Describe what happens during and after a parole hearing. Do you think it is better to have a parole board determine when an inmate goes free, or should inmates have to serve the entire time they are sentenced? Explain your answer. 470 word essay with reference

Discussing Inmate Riots and Disturbances

Discuss inmate riots and disturbances. Include factors that cause them and response team roles and goals. How can prisons try to prepare for these types of events? What preventive actions can prison administrators take to reduce inmate unrest and lessen the chances of a precipitating event starting a riot?