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Criminal Law and Justice

Physical or Personal Protection Issues

Discuss natural disaster and bomb threat situations associated with physical or personal protection issues. How can all aspects of the situation be effectively dealt with? What other contingencies should be addressed?

Corrections: The Philosophy of Criminal Sanctions

There are four main philosophies behind criminal sanctions: retribution, deterrence, incapacitation, and rehabilitation. Define incapacitation. What is the history behind the use of incapacitation? What is the philosophy behind the use of incapacitation? What do you think is the best criminal sanction philosophy? Why? Make sure

History and Criminal Justice

History 1. Nixon is often described as the "accidental liberal." Provide some examples you would use to support this label or to defend Nixon's conservative record. Do you think this is an accurate assessment of Nixon? Is that a good or bad label for Nixon during his time? What about now? 2. Why do you think neither Jimmy Ca

Planning and Threat Assessment

Your client is a man in his 40s. He is confined to a wheelchair and requires attendance by a nurse 7 days a week due to respiratory and other medical conditions. He is a high-profile, outspoken, and controversial white supremacist; many people hate him. He has been scheduled to appear in court in his home city, Los Angeles, a

State Appeals Courts and Grand Jury

Explain the main responsibilities of state appeals courts. What is the purpose of state appeals courts? How are state appeals courts different from state trial courts and state supreme courts? The Judiciary: Pretrial, Bail, Plea Bargaining, and Trial Explain what a grand jury is to your classmates. How does a grand jury work

Runaway Juries

Civil cases are cases in which a party generally seeks money damages to compensate for a wrong that was done to him or her or an injury caused to him or her. Are juries awarding excessive damages in these cases? How should we decide what is a frivolous lawsuit? What do you think of the McDonald's coffee verdict (discussed on pag

Juvenile Procedures and Age Requirement

The infancy defense holds that juveniles are too young to understand and evaluate their actions, and tries to establish that mens rea, "the intent to commit a crime," is not present in the juvenile. In practice, however, if the crime is serious, the adult criminal court might try the case, if the prosecution can prove that the j

Critical Sentencing Issues in Criminal Justice

Respond to a critical sentencing issue in criminal justice. Possible topics for the response include: - The impact of sentencing guidelines. - The constitutionality of a guideline sentence. - The effectiveness of a Three-Strike law. - The requirement of victim impact statements. - The imposition/constitutionality of the

Verbal and Nonverbal Communicatons

1. Verbal Communication Describing how verbal and nonverbal communication can affect communication in the following areas that criminal justice professionals may find themselves in: - Police situations (public announcement to the press) - Courtroom setting (testifying) - Corrections facility (employees, peers, inmates)

Effects of Child Abuse Questions

1. Which is not true about child abuse? a. Few criminals who are violent offenders have histories of child abuse and neglect. b. Many children carry to the next generation the same type of treatment they endured. c. The physical effects of child abuse are only part of the child's injuries. d. Abused children commonly su

Juvenile Rules and Procedures

1) Explain the special rights for status offenders during confinement. 2) Examine the pre-adjudication and post-adjudication requirements for confining juveniles. 3) Explain the practice of sight and sound separation for juveniles in confinement. 4) Analyze the practice of confinement for juveniles adjudicated as adults.

Status versus Juvenile Offenders' Rights

There are differences in the rights afforded to status offenders as compared to the rights afforded to juveniles who are engaged in delinquent acts. Are the protections for status offenders fair? Why or why not? Suggest improvements to the current ways in which both status offenders and juvenile delinquents are detained. Provide

Juvenile Offenders and Rehabilitation

Read the two scenarios below. In light of these scenarios, discuss whether the assumption that juveniles are especially amenable to rehabilitation because of their age and perceived openness to learning new ways is true. In your opinion, should the right to rehabilitation be reserved for juvenile offenders? Provide a rationa

State Policing in the United States

Describe the history of state policing in the United States. Provide examples of state policing. How is state policing used to enforce the law? What is jurisdiction? Describe the difference between federal and local police jurisdiction.

Saudi Arabia Criminal System: An Eye for an Eye

Select a country that has a criminal system different than the United States and do some research on how that particular county handles crime and criminals (i.e. Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc). Discuss how that country handles such matter and contrast it by discussing in detail how the United States would handle a similar

McCarthyism and the Suburban Shift

1, Joseph McCarthy held congressional hearings in which he often used affiliation and hearsay to accuse people of being communists and a threat to the United States. What was unknown at the time was that while his methods were often distasteful and abusive - and possibly illegal - he did successfully identify some dangerous comm

Barriers to Effective Communication Paper

Describe the following: - The process of communication and its components - Differences between listening and hearing in communication - The formal and informal channels of communication in criminal justice organizations - Different barriers to effective communication - Strategies that may be implemented to overcome commu

Key Components of the Communication Process

1. What are the key components/parts of the communication process? How do these components affect the process of communication and its overall effectiveness? 2. What is an example of the flow of communication? How does this affect an organization within the criminal justice system? 3. What barriers influence effective co

Juvenile Procedures in Your Area

Provide an overview of the resources available to law enforcement officers in your area to help juvenile offenders. List the names and contact information of various community programs for juveniles, government resources for juveniles, and juvenile justice officers in your area. Described how and under what situations these r

Juvenile Probation Recidivism

Prepare a press release for your local news media about the new juvenile probation program. The press release should address the media's concerns about the lack of effectiveness of the juvenile probation program and focus their attention on how the juvenile justice advisory board's new initiative will tackle this issue. Incl

Jose Padilla versus Rumsfeld

The saga of Mr. Padilla. Discuss Jose Padilla, an American, and the trail of litigation which began in May 2002, when he was arrested in Chicago on a federal material witness warrant issued by a U.S. District Court judge in New York and taken to New York City. He was subsequently incarcerated at the Charleston Naval Brig afte

History of Terrorism from the American Revolution to Present Day

Identify and examine the history of terrorism from the American Revolution to present day, and the effect it has on governments, communities, businesses, and individuals. Address the following areas: - Describe how the Russian revolution and the Irish Republican Army influenced terrorism in the Western hemisphere. - Comp

Criticism of Juvenile Restitution Programs

One criticism of juvenile restitution programs is that juveniles don't have much money to participate in such programs. Give five points to counter this criticism. What are the ways in which you can address the scarcity of financial resources among juveniles to facilitate their participation in restitution programs? Justify your

Research Methods: Social Research

Search either the local news sites or a national online news organization (Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, etc.) for mentions of social research. How does the reporter portray the research (deferential, skeptical)? How was the research used in the story? Write a minimum 250 words.

Bill of Rights, Due Process Protections and Administration

I must interview 5 people so I developed 10 survey questions to ask you about the Bill of Rights and due process protections and administration. 1. How do you feel about Plea Bargaining and Guilty Pleas? 2. Search and arrests without warrant? 3. Tracing the progress of a criminal case? 4. Administrative Justifications? 5. T

Using Evidence to Solve a Crime

You have a suspect, but not enough evidence to arrest. You have blood evidence, but the suspect will not give a DNA sample. You cannot compel this person to do so because the evidence is not substantial. - How would you legally obtain the suspect's DNA? - Explain the term curtilage. - Would this include a barn in an open fi

Juvenile Offenders and Community Service for Probation

In your opinion, what are the benefits of assigning juvenile offenders to community service in juvenile probation? How does this practice affect recidivism among juvenile offenders? Provide research and examples to support your view. What other issues come into play when assigning community service as a disposition in juvenile p

Discussion of the Prison Environment

Question: How would you define the prison environment and does the environment influence institutional management and custody? Would you make any changes to improve management?

Law Enforcement: Patrol, Rapid Response, and Investigation

Law Enforcement: Patrol, Rapid Response, and Investigation The three primary tactics that police employ to enforce the law are patrol, rapid response, and investigation. Define patrol, rapid response, and investigation. Which tactic is the most successful at maximizing arrests and reducing crime? Explain your answer. 100 wor

Social and Criminal Justice

Can someone please help me with this? Thank you. Social and Criminal Justice We usually look at criminal justice as a system, an idea, or a philosophy. Three of the major ideas that express the idea of social justice include equality, solidarity, and human rights. Explain how equality, solidarity, and human rights are exa