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Criminal Law and Justice

Proactive Policing Tactics

You are to speak to a community group about your police department and how they fight crime. - Identify the proactive tactics available to the police. - Analyze each tactic's purpose and effectiveness. - Select a problem or issue in your community that should be addressed by the police and propose a specific tactic to addre

Tackling Police Corruption

Are the ethical forces behind police corruption the same as those involved in police abuses of force? Identify four components of public corruption within the criminal justice field and describe the strategies used to control this corruption.

Media and Serial Killers

Serial killing and mass murder are not unique to American society. An examination of the literature will show numerous incidents of multiple murders in many different countries. The crucial concept to remember is: different cultures view serial and mass murder differently. Each culture's perception of homicide is culturally spec

Entrapment and the impact on Due Process

Entrapment is defined as inducing an individual to commit a crime he or she did not contemplate for the sole purpose of instituting a criminal prosecution against the offender. Induce is the key word. When police encourage the weaknesses of innocent persons and beguile them into committing crimes they normally would not attempt,

High-Speed Police Pursuits

Police automobile pursuits have taken heavy criticism in recent years. Each year 35-40% of all police pursuits end in a crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Institute reported that 360 people are killed each year as a result of police pursuits, the majority of which were innocent bystanders (Dempsey & Forst, 2010). Why is

Ted Bundy Explanations

Analyse the Ted Bundy case and answer the following: 1. Why do you think this case study can be categorized as unique? Justify your answer using examples and reasoning. 2. How do the psychobiology and biochemical theories of violent behavior explain this case study? 3. Which of the social construction theoriesâ?"socia

Double Jeopardy and Federal Jurisdiction

Case: The silent alarm rings from the local bank. The 911 center also receives calls that that bank doors are locked and shots have been fired. All available patrol units, SWAT, and special forces head to the scene. Upon arrival, your units realize that this was an active bank robbery in progress. After a short period of time,

Measures Taken Against Domestic and International Terrorism

1. Define and discuss the differences between domestic and international terrorism. In the 9/11 or the Oklahoma City Bombings: 2. Discuss how law enforcement responded to this event. 3. Were they prepared? 4. What can be done to better prepare first responders?

Psychosis Theory Applied to Hitler

In Hitler's and killing of Jews and other "non-desirables" through genocide in the 1940s... 1. Does the perpetrator fit into the category of a serial killer or a mass murderer? Justify your answer by referring to the typology and provide two definitions to prove your stance. 2. Which is the theory that applies best to thi

Psychobiological and Biochemical factors in Mass Murder

Case 1: Mass Murder Andrea Yates was convicted of drowning her five children and given a sentence of life in prison. Later, it was found that the sentence of life in prison was based on the inaccurate testimony of a highly respected forensic psychiatrist. Her life sentence was overturned, and she was found guilty by reason

Critical Issues in Policing

5. Critical Issues in Policing - Dangers of policing - Less-than-lethal weapons - Technology used in policing - Issues of homeland security and law enforcement relationships - One additional critical issue in policing that is of interest to you Explain the issue. Explain how the issue is relevant.

Policing - Technology, Issues, and Dangers

1. What is an example of technology that is used in policing? How does technology impact the ability for police organizations to function at a high level? Is there a better solution for police officers who are against or have difficulty with using technology? 2. What are the issues facing law enforcement today? How do these iss

Substance Abuse Presentation

Provide some tips that you plan to use for effectively presenting the research on substance abuse and the proposed solution to your specific audience. How would you determine who your audience is? What would you choose as your method of presentation? Explain why you would pick that method. How would you present your researc

Probable Cause Case Study

Investigators are conducting surveillance of a residence and they notice the owner of the house step out his front door. A car pulls into the driveway, and the police see what appears to be drug/money exchanges occur. So, one of the surveillance vehicles decides to follow the car while another watches the residence. The police n

Mass Murders

What is one unique serial killing or mass murder case study? Provide a synopsis of the case. State when and where the crime(s) took place. State who was/were the people who committed the crime. Analyze the background of this person/these people. State who the victims were and analyze what their backgrounds were. Explai

Constitutional Implications of Suicidal Inmates

- Address the Constitutional implications of suicidal inmates based on decisions made in cases such as the Supreme Court Case of Estelle v. Gamble (1976), and Newman v. Alabama (1974). How have these decisions made an impact. Explain. - How do you distinguish the potential suicide victim who is crying out for help from the ma

Critical Incident Manual

Please help me complete the following: An incident and command response structure for all emergency or public service agencies in AZ, such as police, fire, medical, and so forth. Ensure minimal components of operations, planning, administration, and logistics are included and fully developed to four levels. Make sure t

Case Study of Flaws in the Criminal Trial System: OJ Simpson

Review the following website to familiarize yourself with some of the criminal trial history, paying attention to the trial overview coverage beginning on page 7: Also conduct an internet search and review other sources for an overview of the trial.

Police Training Pertaining to the Constitution

Imagine that you are a police officer trainer. As trainers, you are asked to create a handout for new recruits about the role of police as it pertains to the constitution. Create a handout that includes the following: - Describe the functions of a police agency as it pertains to the constitution. - Explain the role of p

Reactive Patrol, Probable Cause and Police Brutality

1. What is reactive patrol? How does reactive patrol differ from proactive patrol? What would happen if policing agencies adopted just one of the previously mentioned patrol styles? 2. What is probable cause? How does probable cause impact police officers and police agencies? What would happen if probable cause was nonexisten

Rehabilitation in Prison and Probation

Please help me with the following: - Definition and origins of rehabilitation in prison. - Definition of parole and how it differs from mandatory release. - Definition of probation and how it compares to other forms of sentencing. - Definition and options of community corrections. - Critique the current rehabilitation op

Policing - Minorities, Policing Culture, Probable Cause, Critical Issues

1. Analyze the culture for women and ethnic minorities in policing and how they can achieve equality in law enforcement. 2. What is policing culture? 3. Explain probable cause and how it affects police officers and police. 4. Identify how police protect citizens' constitutional rights. 5. Discuss critical issues in p

Prisoner Suicide Prevention Program

Part 1: Based on research. How prevalent is the incidence of prisoner suicide? Explain in detail. What factors seem to contribute the most to prisoner suicide? Explain in detail, and use scholarly and academic resources to fully support your arguments. What are the characteristics and histories of victims of prisoner suicid

Police Recruitment, History, and Discretion

1. How would you define police recruitment? Compare and contrast the elements associated with police recruitment and the elements associated with the selection process. What changes would you recommend to the overall recruitment and selection process? 2. Over policing history, what has been the role of women and racial and et

Accreditation Plan and ACA Guidelines.

The American Correctional Association requires performance-based standards that focus on actual compliance with expected practices. There are 7 functional areas: - Safety - Security - Order - Care - Program and Activity - Justice - Administration and Management Address each functional area listed above in an accredit

Drug Court Programs

Case: The judge has decided to place the offender caught with 17g of heroin on a term of probation for 5 years. It was discovered through the presentence investigation report that he has serious addiction issues. Since the offender has failed treatment in the past, it was decided that he would be placed into a drug court prog

Treatment of Prisoners with Special Needs

Select a prison special offender population and research a program aimed to assist or care for that population. What are the characteristics of the program? How has the program affected the special offender population in that prison?

Police Functions, Practices and Integration and the Protection of Citizen's Rights

1. What are the roles of police? How does the law dictate their roles and functions? How can the relationship between the policing system and the law be improved? 2. What are the various policing agencies? How do policing agencies differ at the federal, state, and local levels? Is there a better solution for seamless policing a