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Criminal Law and Justice

Investigating Government Domestic Terrorism

In many cases involving terrorism from above, right wing governments sought to terrorize left-wing opponents. Other than the United States, pick a nation who has followed this path and describe how the cycle of terrorism started from above, how it continued from below, and the manner in which governmental counterterrorism was u

Centralized Command and Control Systems - Al-Qaeda

Prior to 9/11, Osama Bin Laden (OBL) established Al-Qaeda (AQ) as a terrorist organization with a centralized command and control system. By the late 2000s, AQ was no longer a singular entity, with new 'branches' existing in Northern Africa (AQIM), Yemen (AQAP), Iraq (AQI), and elsewhere. Each branch cited allegiance to the core

Conflicts of Federal and State Law

Is it possible for a state to pass a law that opposes the 5th and 14th amendments? If no, would an individual file suit under due process, and or discrimination and proceed with a civil litigation? Thank you for your time and consideration!

Police Discretion in Decision Making

Officers are normally authorized to use their individual discretionary powers for motor vehicle offenses. Officers may warn a violator instead of issuing a summons, even for multiple violations, when in the officer's judgment such action is reasonable and appropriate in achieving voluntary compliance with traffic law and regulat

Police Organizations - Mission Statements

You are the chief of the Anytown Police Department. A newly-elected city council requests a mission statement from the police department. Address the following questions in your response: What are the key elements of a mission statement? Why are mission statements important? Do mission statements really serve a purpose? Sh

Mass Murders, Programs, and Coping

In the U.S., there have been numerous programs created by the government and members of victims' families to combat serial murder. For example, after Ted Bundy's multi-state killing spree, the Federal Bureau of Investigation established the Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) to help create a profile of a serial murder

Mass Murders and Demographics

No one wants to be the victim of a crime, let alone the victim of a serial killer or mass murderer. However, scientific studies show that victims do play a role in their selection and facilitation. What does "demographics of victimization" mean? Who created the Concentric Circle theory, and how does it relate to the demograph

3 Theories for the Causes of Crime

I need help writing a paper on "Theory and Crime" please. I would appreciate a summary of three different theories as to causes of crime.

Terrorism and the Media's Ability to Shape Perceptions

Many experts have argued that the media has done a great deal to confuse the public about how terrorism should be defined and how Americans think the US government should respond to terrorists. What is the role of the media in terrorism? And do you support or refute the assertion that the media should be allowed to fully exerci

Community Policing and Problem-Solving Policing

I need help with the differing philosophies of community policing and problem-solving policing. Review the topic in a clear and concise manner. Analyze the community policing philosophy in a comprehensive manner. Analyze the problem-solving policing philosophy in a comprehensive manner. Evaluate the effectiveness of eac

Social Consequences of Jeffery Dahmer's Crimes

For the Jeffery Dahmer case: 1. What were the social consequences of this case on the victim(s)? While answering, keep the era and the social conditions in mind. 2. What were the social consequences of this case on the community? Did this case have any impact on law, policing, the criminal justice system, etc.? Why or why

Accuracy in the News

Must we as consumers of the news take much of what we hear on faith? Are there ways of ensuring accuracy in news reporting? How have recent communication advances like blogging affected how we consume the news?

Justifying a Policing Budget

Your city has experienced a high degree of turnover in department heads. As a result, a number of new individuals have been hired, bringing together varying levels of experience. With the new fiscal year fast approaching, there are several pressing issues that must be addressed, such as budgets, crime, and other critical issues

Use of Force Policies

1. Locate two law enforcement agencies' use-of-force policies. 2. Compare and contrast each policy. 3. Create one final policy that covers the best of each policy. 4. Why did you choose the elements for your policy? 5. Explain how you would investigate a case where an officer fatally shot a suspect according to your newly

Dealing with Excessive Force in Policing

As a newly promoted sergeant, you are assigned to the patrol division working the midnight shift. You have been with the department for more than 7 years, so you pretty much know everybody assigned to your shift. You pride yourself on your ability to work with anybody and can see yourself relating to them on their own level, and

Organized and Disorganized Killers

1. Explain the characteristics of organized and disorganized killers. 2. Describe the kinds of clues that can indicate whether a killer is organized or disorganized. 3. Explain how determining whether a killer is organized or not can assist in the investigation. For example, can clues from the crime scenes give you information

Proactive Policing Tactics

You are to speak to a community group about your police department and how they fight crime. - Identify the proactive tactics available to the police. - Analyze each tactic's purpose and effectiveness. - Select a problem or issue in your community that should be addressed by the police and propose a specific tactic to addre

Police and Ethics on-the-job

Define and discuss individual conscience and police assignments using specific examples. Explain how training can prepare would-be police officers for the ethical dilemmas they will face.

Tackling Police Corruption

Are the ethical forces behind police corruption the same as those involved in police abuses of force? Identify four components of public corruption within the criminal justice field and describe the strategies used to control this corruption.

Efficacy of The Amber Alert System

The Amber Alert system was created to help catch predators who kidnap and murder children and has been successful in rescuing several children who would have been murdered since it's inception. - What difference has been made by the Amber Alert system on the highways? How many children have been saved by this system? - In yo

Media and Serial Killers

Serial killing and mass murder are not unique to American society. An examination of the literature will show numerous incidents of multiple murders in many different countries. The crucial concept to remember is: different cultures view serial and mass murder differently. Each culture's perception of homicide is culturally spec

Entrapment and the impact on Due Process

Entrapment is defined as inducing an individual to commit a crime he or she did not contemplate for the sole purpose of instituting a criminal prosecution against the offender. Induce is the key word. When police encourage the weaknesses of innocent persons and beguile them into committing crimes they normally would not attempt,

High-Speed Police Pursuits

Police automobile pursuits have taken heavy criticism in recent years. Each year 35-40% of all police pursuits end in a crash. The National Highway Traffic Safety Institute reported that 360 people are killed each year as a result of police pursuits, the majority of which were innocent bystanders (Dempsey & Forst, 2010). Why is

Ted Bundy Explanations

Analyse the Ted Bundy case and answer the following: 1. Why do you think this case study can be categorized as unique? Justify your answer using examples and reasoning. 2. How do the psychobiology and biochemical theories of violent behavior explain this case study? 3. Which of the social construction theoriesâ?"socia

Double Jeopardy and Federal Jurisdiction

Case: The silent alarm rings from the local bank. The 911 center also receives calls that that bank doors are locked and shots have been fired. All available patrol units, SWAT, and special forces head to the scene. Upon arrival, your units realize that this was an active bank robbery in progress. After a short period of time,

Measures Taken Against Domestic and International Terrorism

1. Define and discuss the differences between domestic and international terrorism. In the 9/11 or the Oklahoma City Bombings: 2. Discuss how law enforcement responded to this event. 3. Were they prepared? 4. What can be done to better prepare first responders?

Psychosis Theory Applied to Hitler

In Hitler's and killing of Jews and other "non-desirables" through genocide in the 1940s... 1. Does the perpetrator fit into the category of a serial killer or a mass murderer? Justify your answer by referring to the typology and provide two definitions to prove your stance. 2. Which is the theory that applies best to thi

Psychobiological and Biochemical factors in Mass Murder

Case 1: Mass Murder Andrea Yates was convicted of drowning her five children and given a sentence of life in prison. Later, it was found that the sentence of life in prison was based on the inaccurate testimony of a highly respected forensic psychiatrist. Her life sentence was overturned, and she was found guilty by reason

Comparison of Theory for Mass and Serial Murders.

Case 1: Mass Murder Andrea Yates was convicted of drowning her five children and given a sentence of life in prison. Later, it was found that the sentence of life in prison was based on the inaccurate testimony of a highly respected forensic psychiatrist. Her life sentence was overturned, and she was found guilty by reason